Whirl Threads In The Subspindle

By incorporating specialized attachments, precision threading can be accomplished on Tornos' line of Deco Swiss-type turning centers. To offer users even more of a choice in functionality, the company has recently added enhancements to its thread whirling unit and is also introducing a larger external thread whirling attachment for use in counter operations.


The company has developed a thread whirling attachment that operates on the counter or subspindle. This attachment was designed to facilitate the whirling of larger-size threads. The company's larger machines accommodate part diameters up to 32 mm.


The ability to machine the thread in counter operations allows the end user to manufacture threaded parts without performing secondary operations in most cases. Since the thread is being cut in the subspindle while the main spindle is producing the next part, the threading cycle time is free and thereby increasing throughput.