Wire EDM Series Features Design, Engineering Improvements

MC Machinery Systems’ MV series EDM line features design and engineering improvements.

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MC Machinery Systems’ MV series EDM line features design and engineering improvements, including non-contact cylindrical drive technology, an improved power supply, auto-threading, deeper submerged-wire threading capabilities and more.
The cylindrical drive technology is said to offer a simple, yet intelligent design concept using a linear shaft motor. Common EDMs built on a linear system feature a flat-plate design, which is said to limit the effective magnetic flux. The company’s round, magnetic shaft creates a non-contact design using the full 360 degrees of magnetic flux to prevent wear, cogging and backlash and improve energy-efficiency, accuracy and speed.
The EDM is built on a one-piece, T-shaped base casting. The X- and Y-axis ways and drives are directly mounted to provide a rigid and thermally stable platform, and drive the table and column independently. The servo-control system uses a fiber-optic drive system with increased communication speed for improved reaction time and accuracy. Other features include a new head to ease indexing and save time, and several design improvements reduce overall operation costs, the company says.

Also on display is the MC milling line. The DM series features a 20,000-rpm, HSK-A63 spindle, which features a more-rigid and accurate tooling system. Also, the four-axis DX44 waterjet features intelligent tapering control, which corrects the natural tapering of the cut. 

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