Wire EDMs Designed For Precision, Rigidity

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The company adds the V500 and V650 models to its Excetek line of wire cutting EDMs. According to the manufacturer, the V500’s high-frequency technology can enable users to achieve surface finish roughness of 0.2 Ra in 50-mm SKD-11 steel. The V650 features a high speed cutting module circuit and a double-door design for ease of operation.   The machines are built with a high-rigidity, box-structure base designed via FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. For cutting precision, the EDMs feature extended distance between the THK linear guideways, C1-class ballscrews with cryogenic treatment and high-resolution AC servomotors. Also included is a Windows XP-embedded control operating system, a 15" TFT touchscreen and RTX real-time extension software. Threading is done directly at the break point, with no need to return to the starting point when wire breakage occurs. Additionally, the company’s electrolysis-free generator system is intended to improve cutting performance.

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Wire EDM Offers More Than Just Precision

Among other benefits, these two shops have saved significant production time by using wire EDM for part-cutoff operations previously conducted on bandsaws.