Wire, Sinker and Small-Hole Drill EDMs

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The company offers a range of EDM equipment, including the FA20S Advance wire machine with M700 series control. With a 15" touchscreen LCD display, the Windows-based system provides a simple menu configuration designed for easy navigation. The machine also includes a 3D adaptive EDM control, which can analyze 3D data and recognize shape characteristics. According to the company, this can help users avoid transition lines in stepped workpiece areas.   The company also offers the BA24, a large-capacity wire EDM designed to accommodate a variety of machining needs ranging from parts to dies. The machine features a V350II power supply with anti-electrolysis technology for high-performance machining.   The MD+PRO cell is an automated unit that combines the MD+PROII wire EDM with a 4 × 4 waterjet Suprema. A MELFA six-axis robot links the two machines to minimize operator intervention and maximize unattended running time, the company says. Parts are roughed out on the waterjet and then transferred into a fixture on the EDM for finishing.   The EA12V sinker has a space-saving footprint and a multi-position worktank, allowing the operator to set up while circulating the dielectric fluid. The E.S.P.E.R. II software can create programs for measuring; power settings for burning; and orbital paths for finishing.   The ED2000NC small-hole EDM drill’s low energy consumption combines high speed with low wear, and the power supply generates no bullet nosing on the electrode, thereby creating cleaner holes and quicker breakthroughs, the company says. Another small-hole EDM drill, the ED6000S CNC, offers a 20-position AEC (Automatic Electrode Changer) for quick tool changing. According to the company, the power supply is suited for small-hole applications and offers a wider range and finer steps in the electrical power setting adjustments. In addition to EDM equipment, the company offers Roku-Roku high speed machining centers and various waterjets.

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