Wireless Pressure Control For Operator Safety

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Schunk offers a wireless pressure control system for pneumatic lathe chucks. The company’s RSS system directly connects to the control unit of the machine to ensure trouble-free signal transmission in any machine and increases process safety in turning applications, the company says. The system is used to monitor clamping pressure in OD clamping applications. Without any wires between the chuck and the machine, the clamping pressure is checked on a regular basis, even during turning applications. The signal is transmitted automatically to the machine's control unit every 12 to 15 seconds to ensure permanent control of the clamping pressure of the chuck. If pressure is lost, the RSS transmits the signal to the control, which stops the spindle immediately. The RSS system is available for all the company’s Rota TP, EP, TB, TB-LH and EP-LH lathe chucks. A double-version option is available to control clamping pressure for ID and OD clamping starting with chucks 200 mm in diameter. In addition, pneumatic chucks with diameters of 400 mm and larger can be retrofitted with the RSS system.

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