Wires For Various Mild Steel Applications

Now offered by the Lincoln Electric Company is the UltraCore line of gas-shielded, flux-cored wires for mild steel welding. Each product has been designed for a particular shielding gas mix, group of welding positions or industrial application. When used in manufacturing, the tight chemical composition, diameter and other tolerances are said to produce reliable mechanical properties and arc action.


The wires features the company’s ProTech foil bag packaging, which reduces moisture while increasing resistance to cracking and gas tracking.


The line is comprised of six new products: 71A75 Dual, a general-purpose wire for use with either straight CO2 or mixed gases; 712A80 for offshore, tank and pressure-vessel fabrication; 71A85, which is designed for high-argon mixed gases welding; 712C, with tensiles capped at 90 ksi to help reduce cracking; 71C for “economy” welding with straight CO2 shielding gas; and 712A80-H, which is formulated to achieve low hydrogen levels for challenging applications in heavy equipment.




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