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Pallet-Change System Meets Demand for Automation

Hermle’s PW3000 pallet-change system is designed for use with the company’s five-axis C 60 machining center.

Cell Designed for Aluminum Wheel Manufacturing

The All-Okuma wheel cell for cutting and drilling aluminum wheels is designed to increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing downtime.

Automatic Robotic Machine Tending Systems Complete Jobs in One Handling

Ganesh offers multitasking machines with fully robotic machine tending systems.

Robot Increases Tool Measuring Accuracy

Zoller’s RoboSet features a six-axis articulated arm robot equipped with a force-moment strain gage and two pneumatic parallel grippers.

Robots Offer Increased Payload Capacity

The THL300 and THL400 robots from Toshiba Machine’s THL series feature arm lengths of 300 and 400 mm, respectively.

Bridge Gantry-Type Robot for Large Parts

The bridge gantry-type RBP from Reis Robotics is designed for the economic production of large structures.

Compact Robot Designed for Light-Payload Applications

The MHJF compact robot from Yaskawa Motoman Robotics is designed for light-payload applications such as small parts assembly, material handling and education systems.

Ceiling-Mounted Robot Handles Lightweight Parts

The RH-3SxHR ceiling-mounted SCARA robot from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is designed for high-speed picking and handling of lightweight parts.

Integrated Automation Cell for High-Volume Jobs

Methods Machine Tools offers a pre-engineered integrated automation cell for manufacturing and deburring a high volume of like parts.

Six-Axis Robot Designed for Automation in Aseptic Manufacturing

Espon Robots’ C3-V six-axis robot is resistant to vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) gas, an aggressive chemical used in aseptic manufacturing environments.

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