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Tap Flute Design Promotes Chip Control

OSG's Exotap A-Tap series is designed to achieve better chip evacuation, especially during blind hole tapping.

Grinding Wheels Increase Metal Removal Rates

Norton Abrasives offers its Gemini XXL aluminum oxide depressed-center grinding wheels for improved performance and increased metal removal rates on hard-grade carbon steel applications, weld repairs, flashing and jobs requiring a quick turnaround.

Cartridge System Protects Tools Against Crashes

Iscar’s Dove IQ Grip tooling system features a locking mechanism to accommodate wide inserts measuring 10, 12 and 14 mm, and mounted on a 53-mm blade.

End Mills Improve Chip Evacuation

Precision Dormer offers a line of end mills for cutting soft, nonferrous materials as well as hardened and high-alloy materials.

End Mill Design Offers Heat Resistance

Carmexʼs CMT line of end mills is designed to lengthen tool life, increase material removal, improve surface finish, reduce cycle times and lower cutting forces in materials as hard as 62 HRc.

Small-Diameter Cutters Enable High Feeds

Seco’s High Feed 2 small diameter cutters, ranging from .625" to 1.25", offer high feed rates and small depth of cut for handling a variety of applications.

Solid Carbide Drill Can Replace PCD Drill for Aluminum

Kennametal’s HPS solid carbide drills are constructed of the company’s Beyond KN15 carbide, making them suitable for aluminum machining applications including holemaking.

Spiral Flute, Point Tap Series for Nickel-Based Alloys

The Exopro-WHR-Ni spiral flute and spiral point tap series from OSG Tap & Die is designed for nickel-based alloy applications.

End Mills Laser-Measured for Higher Accuracy

The RobbJack Group’s Crystallume division will present enhancements to its Mold Maker line of end mills that are smaller than 1/4" (6 mm) in diameter.

End Mills Improve Productivity in Hardened Steels

The Omega M7 line of end mills from Imco Carbide Tool is designed for machining hardened steels ranging to 58 to 62 HRc, running wet or dry.

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