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Four-Facet Point Improves Drill’s Centering

The solid-carbide Universal Drill from Niagara Cutter combines a multi-purpose geometry with advanced coating technology to provide reliable, predictable tool life and a lower cost per hole, especially in high-volume production environments.

Insert Coating Eases Detection of Used Edges

Available in a range of insert sizes and geometries to accommodate roughing as well as finishing operations, Seco’s Duratomic TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 turning grades balance toughness and hardness when machining steel alloys, cast iron and stainles...

Toolholder Reduces Spindle, Tool Wear

Schunk’s Tendo Platinum toolholder for milling, drilling and reaming is made using a single-cycle brazing and hardening process, enabling rigid and durable tool clamping.

Gear Hobber Enables Single-Operation Gear Cutting

Available from Exsys Tool, the Eppinger gear hobber attachment for live turret stations enables single-setup, single-operation gear cutting for the generation of splines as well as spur and helical gears.

Indexable Inserts Enable Longer Unattended Finishing Runs

Dapra’s Edge2 spherical ballnose (SBN) system offers indexable finishing inserts featuring two usable cutting edges for cost effectiveness and high-quality finishes.

Orbital Thread Mills Promote Process Reliability

Walter USA’s Unified National Fine (UNF) orbital thread mills are available in 2×D and 3×D models with large shank diameters promoting vibration-free machining, even with a long clamping length.

Chipbreaker’s Design Accommodates Higher Speeds, Feed Rates

Tungaloy’s AM chipbreaker is designed to increase efficiency in the medium cutting of steel.

Milling App Aids Cutting Parameter Calculation

Helical Solutions offers the Helical Milling Advisor, a milling calculator designed to help users optimize use of the company’s end mills.

Keyless Drill Chucks Ensure Precise Hole Sizing

Albrecht’s precision drill chucks, available from Royal Products, are designed to ensure precise hole sizing and extend drill life.

Hydraulic Chuck Toolholder Can Replace Shrink-Fit Holders

NT Tool offers its high-accuracy hydraulic chucks in a slim PHC-S toolholder for use in tight spaces.

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