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PUBLISHED: 4/7/2017

Live Tooling Head Enables Angled Milling, Gear Skiving

Exsys Tool’s 90-degree skiving, drilling and milling head enables angled drilling and milling capabilities on turning centers as well as gear skiving operations.

PUBLISHED: 4/6/2017

Milling Tools Perform Various Operations with Single Insert

Pokolm’s Squareworx multifunctional milling system is designed for precise machining with both 90- and 45-degree approach angles.

PUBLISHED: 4/4/2017

Variable End Mill Geometry Reduces Chatter

Eastec 2017: PCT introduces its 363-series end mill for machining aluminum.

PUBLISHED: 3/8/2017

Tooling Line Now Includes Threading Inserts, Round Shank Holders

Tungaloy is expanding its DuoJustCut line to include threading inserts and round shank holders to further its position in small-part machining industries.

PUBLISHED: 3/7/2017

Machining Grades Expand Possibilities for Plastics Machining

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products is coming out with a series of Stable Machining Grade (SMG) materials developed to improve the performance and productivity of parts made from polyolefin base materials.

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2017

Carbide Bur Series Effectively Machines Soft Aluminum

Although they are said to provide particular benefits in aluminum applications, Pferd’s line of ALU/NF Cut carbide burs can effectively process material ranging from soft non-ferrous metals to harder variants.

PUBLISHED: 3/3/2017

Insert Grade Shines in Continuous, High-Speed Turning

The Hoffmann Group’s Garant HB 7010-1 turning grade features P10 gradient carbide for wear resistance at the highest cutting speeds.

PUBLISHED: 3/2/2017

Turning Inserts Cover Various Materials, Conditions

Dormer Pramet offers a line of new Pramet chipbreakers and grades.

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2017

Toolholder with Single-Base Holder and Adapters with ER Collect Pocket

PMTS 2017: According to the company, the modular system is the first tooling system on the market with a single-base holder and multiple tooling adapters that use the ER collet pocket.

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2017

Management System Keeps Tools Organized

PMTS 2017: The ToolOrganizer from Zoller Inc. works in conjunction with the company’s TMS Tool Management Solutions Silver software package to keep tooling components organized.

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