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PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Standard Saw Blades and Side Milling Cutters for a Variety of Applications

PMTS 2017: Controx-Neuhauser full line of standard saw blades and side chip clearance saws are suitable for a range of precision cutting applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Deburring and Burnishing Tools for Swiss-Type and Other Lathes

PMTS 2017: Cogsdill Tool Products Inc. will display a variety of deburring and burnishing tools designed for production machining on Swiss-type and other machines.

PUBLISHED: 2/8/2017

Small-Diameter Gundrills Offer Speed, Precision

Tungaloy has expanded its DeepTriDrill line of inserted indexable gundrills to include diameters ranging from 14 to 15.9 mm.

PUBLISHED: 2/7/2017

Countersink Cutting Edges Provide Smooth Finish

Rocky Mountain Twist’s Tri-Cam countersinks feature high-flow flutes for excellent material evacuations and finely tuned cutting edges for smooth, consistent finish.

PUBLISHED: 2/3/2017

Face Mill Achieves Full Engagement in CGI

Kennametal’s Mill 16 face mill is designed to tackle tough cast iron applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/2/2017

Tool Drills, Removes Core from Composites in One Step

Controx Neuhauser introduces its Decoring Cut tooling, which both drills through honeycomb composite panels and undercuts the skins (thus removing the cores) in a single labor-saving step.

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2017

Lathe Boring Bar with Integrated Damper

Big Kaiser offers its Smart Damper boring bar for lathe applications.

PUBLISHED: 1/13/2017

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter for Multipurpose Operations

Dormer Pramet’s Econ LN square shoulder milling cutter provides positive axial geometry that promotes lower cutting forces and smoother machining.

PUBLISHED: 1/10/2017

Milling Tool Provides Essentially Stepless Pocketing to 6.5 mm Deep

Kennametal’s Mill 4-11 indexable milling cutter is designed to provide accurate pocket positioning and the free cutting action of a single-sided insert at a cost per edge similar to a double-sided insert.

PUBLISHED: 1/5/2017

Milling Tools Get Update for Machining Deep Pockets in Titanium

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroMill 390 is now available with the company’s Silent Tools technology for more efficient machining of parts such as engine mounts as well as deep pockets on titanium-frame parts for the aerospace industry.

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