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PUBLISHED: 2/27/2017

Lathes Use Low-Frequency Vibration to Avoid Chip Problems

PMTS 2017: The popular Citizen Cincom L20 sliding-headstock lathes from Marubeni are now available with low-frequency vibration (LFV). LFV is said to avoid the problem of spiraling chips, chip entanglement and built-up edges.

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2017

Swiss Turning Inserts

PMTS 2017: The MESI Chipbreaker from Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. is designed for Swiss turning and small parts machining, particularly in medical and other high precision applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2017

Insertable Form Tool Systems Save Money

PMTS 2017: The insertable tooling system from Schwanog LLC can be applied, but is not limited, to applications such as OD and ID grooving, form drilling, thread whirling, single-point threading, turning and milling, broaching of serrations, shaving ...

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Coolant-Through Cutting Tools Prevent Coolant Vaporization

PMTS 2017: Iscar introduces the Jetcut coolant-through tools for turning, grooving, threading and parting.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

New Substrate Increases Tool Life Turning Tough Materials of Small Diameters

PMTS 2017: Horn USA's Supermini cutting tool’s new substrate, coating and edge preparation is said to provide high-performance results in small diameters.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Turning Center Achieves 5-Micron Tolerances

PMTS 2017: The Hardinge Conquest H51 lathe is capable of turn tolerances down to traditional grinding levels of 5 microns, according to the company.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

End Mills Capable of Aggressive Roughing Strategies

PMTS 2017: Haimer will introduce its Basic Mill line of end mills designed to reduce features to the essentials without forgoing quality.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Swiss-Type Machining Tools for High Production Applications

PMTS 2017: Recent additions to the line include the new six cutting edge (G6) turning insert for grooving, parting-off, and threading and polygon inserts and toolholders for external turning, grooving, parting and threading.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Solid Carbide Flat Bottom Drill for Many Applications

PMTS 2017: The MFE series is designed to provide a stable, one-shot solution for pilot to 2 × D drilling in a range of machining scenarios, including angled and circular surfaces, shoulder and thin plate drilling, hydraulic spools, intersecting hole...

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2017

Redesigned Coolant Ducts for Better Coolant Flow

PMTS 2017: With CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox (available in diameters from 0.039" to 0.236"), a single step is sufficient to drill up to 10 × D, without pecking.

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