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Quick-Change, Three-Point Locking Tooling System

The Micro-Quik quick-change tooling system from Micro 100 Tool features a three-point locking and locating system engineered for maximum tool rigidity and centerline repeatability within +0.0005"/+0.01 mm from tool to tool, the company reports.

High Speed Collet Chuck Provides Accuracy, Flexibility

The EBP 5672 collet chuck from Seco Tools is said to combine the accuracy of shrink-fit and hydraulic chucks with the flexibility of a collet chuck for reduced run-out, increased torque and improved productivity.

Inserts Ease Difficult Turning Applications

Walter USA offers a series of insert geometries designed to improve productivity in difficult turning applications.

Asymmetric Inserts Reduce Vibration

The HM90 ADCT 1505 insert from Iscar features an asymmetric shape with different helix angles on the two cutting edges to reduce chatter and vibration.

Quick-Change System for Driven Toolholders

WTO’s QuickFlex quick-change system for driven toolholders is said to lower tooling costs, reduce tool-change time and increase flexibility.

Drilling Systems for Deep-Hole Operations

The Guided T-A and 3XL drilling systems from Allied Machine & Engineering are designed for predictable deep-hole machining.

Collet Chucks and Clamps Improve Precision

Haimer offers its Power collet chucks and clamp series.

Tooholder Clamps Small Tool Shanks

Schunk's Tribos-Mini directly clamps small tool shanks consistently along the entire axis for challenging applications including medical, dental and micro-level parts.

Internal Threading Tool for Small Acme Threads

A new line of Acme internal threading tools from Carmex features the company’s BLU sub-micron grade carbide with PVD triple coating.

CVD Diamond-Tipped Cutting Tools Offer Sharper Cutting Edges

Available through Tyson Tool, Becker Diamantwerkzeuge provides standard and special PCD-compound precision cutting tools tipped with CVD diamond material.

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