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PUBLISHED: 9/28/2016

Economy Automatic Toolholders Available for Range of Lathe Sizes, Types

Automatic Tool Changers Inc. introduces a complete range of economical tool turrets for CNC lathes and turning centers, including replacements for the now-discontinued Dorian turrets used on Haas TL-series lathes.

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2016

PcBN Tool Grades for Hard Turning Applications

Fives offers Citco’s CiBN HT series of cutting tools with coated polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) grades for hard turning applications.

PUBLISHED: 9/12/2016

Replaceable Drill Head Supports Deep Hole Making at Lower Cost

Sumitomo Electric Carbide expands its SMD replaceable drill head line to include 12×D drills.

PUBLISHED: 9/9/2016

Through-Coolant System for Use with Emulsion, Pure-Oil Coolants

Rego-Fix offers an addition to its line of retrofit ReCool coolant-through systems, the ReCool RCR/ERM.

PUBLISHED: 9/8/2016

Milling Tool Line Features Single-, Double-Sided Inserts

Komet’s new line of milling tools is comprised of over 280 items, including 63 new imperial (inch) and 63 new metric bodies.

PUBLISHED: 9/7/2016

Modular Interface Designed for Carbide Cutting Tool Heads

Haimer’s Duo-Lock modular interface system is designed for carbide cutting tool heads.

PUBLISHED: 9/2/2016

Large-Diameter Drills Mount without Removing Tool from Spindle

Tungaloy has expanded its DrillForce-Meister series of interchangeable-tip drills.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2016

Tool Line Includes Single-, Double-Sided Inserts

More than 280 items comprise Komet’s new line of milling tools, which includes bodies in inch and metric sizes.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2016

Double-Sided Face Milling Cutter Improves Performance

Mitsubishi Materials’ WSX445 double-sided, insert-type face milling cutter is designed to improve cutting performance by balancing high efficiency and low cutting forces.

PUBLISHED: 7/28/2016

Toolholder for High-Production Tapping

Emuge’s SpeedSynchro toolholding solution features an integrated transmission of 1:4.412 for optimizing thread production on CNC machines with synchronous spindles.

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