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Smart DEM Wire EDM from Knuth Cuts Graphite

The Smart DEM wire EDM can accommodate workpieces measuring 13.8" × 17.7" × 7.9".

Sinker EDM Technology Speeds Deep-Rib Roughing

Makino’s SuperSpark IV sinker EDM technology is designed to reduce roughing times in deep-rib applications.

Wire EDM Can Accommodate Tall Workpieces

Sodick’s AG600LH wire EDM features X-, Y- and Z-axis travel of 23.7" × 15.8" × 20" to accommodate large parts and tall workpieces.

Wire EDM Series Features Design, Engineering Improvements

Mitsibushi EDM’s MV series EDM line features non-contact cylindrical drive technology, an improved power supply, auto-threading, deeper submerged-wire threading capabilities and more.

Die Sinker EDM Features Rotary Tool Changer

GF AgieCharmilles’ Form 200 mS die sinker EDM machine features a modular, rotary tool changer for increased flexibility and lights-out, micromachining applications.

Wire EDM Machines Boost Accuracy, Efficiency in Challenging Materials

Methods Machine Tools’ Fanuc RoboCut iE wire EDM series features a new power supply to increase accuracy and efficiency when cutting challenging materials.

EDMs Increase Machining Stability, Accuracy

Sodick offers the AD30L sinker EDM and the AQ400L wire EDM.

Automatic Wire EDM Efficiently Machines Micro Parts

GF AgieCharmilles’ Cut 2000 EDM features automatic wire-changing capabilities and is said to be well-suited for micromachining applications.

Wire EDM Series Features Design, Engineering Improvements

MC Machinery Systems’ MV series EDM line features design and engineering improvements.

Wire EDM Built for Rigidity

The AQ400L wire EDM from Sodick features X-, Y- and Z-axis travel of 15.75” x 11.81” x 9.84” and ceramic components that increase machine rigidity.

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