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Surface-Grinding Machine Increases Capacity

The Mello P812 precision surface-grinding machine features a large crosswise grinding capacity measuring 850 × 1,200 mm.

Grinding Machine Accommodates Range of Abrasives

Holroyd’s Zenith 400 helical profile grinding machine has the capability to use three different grinding abrasives: vitrified aluminum or silicon oxide; “diamond hard,” plated CBN; and vitrified, dressable CBN.

Truing and Dressing Machine Increases Efficiency

The model FC-250W wheel truing and dressing machine from Rush Machinery is designed for turning and dressing flats, angles and radii on diamond and CBM single-wheel and multiple-wheel packs.

Centerless Grinder for In-feed Grinding Multiple Parts

The GT-610 CNC grinder from Glebar enables in-feed centerless grinding on multiple parts per cycle with an 8-5/8"-wide (219-mm-wide) grinding wheel.

Twin-Spindle Honing Machine for Oil and Gas

Ohio Tool Works’ twin-spindle 5000 honing machine is designed specifically for high-volume production of pump barrels and other oil and gas extraction parts.

CNC Grinder Avoids Deviation

Supertec Machinery’s ID-300CNC grinder enables a maximum grinding depth of 7.8" and a part swing of 15.75", with a grinding capacity ranging from 0.08" to 12".

Profile Grinding Option for Threaded-Wheel Grinder

Gleason’s 300TWG threaded-wheel grinding machine includes a dressable profile grinding option that enables greater flexibility, making it well-suited for both large and small batch production, as well as high-precision production.

Grinding Machine for Toolmaking, Precision Engineering

The Studer S33 from United Grinding is designed for grinding medium-sized workpieces in individual and batch production for toolmaking and precision engineering applications.

Abrasive Flap Discs Designed for Edge Grinding

Weiler’s Tiger Paw abrasive flap discs are designed for aggressive performance on tough edge-grinding applications.

Cylindrical Grinder Shortens Cycle Times

The Studer CT550 from United Grinding is a compact machine designed for medium-sized workpieces composed of hard materials such as tool steel, carbide, ceramics and glass.

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