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PUBLISHED: 9/12/2017

Lathes Feature Modular Design

Gear Expo 2017: Emag will feature its modular VL and VT series for chucked components, including its VL 4 machine, designed for medium- to large-batch runs on standard machining platforms.

PUBLISHED: 9/8/2017

BTA Drilling Machine Reduces Weight of Helicopter Drive Shafts

The DeHoff BTA/STS 2084 drilling machine is designed for drilling on-center holes using the BTA/STS process for applications such as the manufacture of drive shafts for helicopter tail rotors.

PUBLISHED: 8/24/2017

Milling Machines’ Platform Stability Ideal for Heavy Roughing Cuts

Westec 2017: Waldrich Coburg will feature its Taurus 25 and Taurus 30 bridge-type milling machines, which feature cast iron structures and hydrostatic guideways for platform stability for heavy roughing cuts.

PUBLISHED: 8/23/2017

VMCs Can be Connected to Form Smart Production Line

EMO 2017: Okuma will demonstrate its MU-S600V five-axis vertical machining center, which enables five-face machining of workpieces as large as 600 mm in diameter.

PUBLISHED: 8/21/2017

Technology Corrects Spindles Working Independently

EMO 2017: Licon will present its i3 technology, which enables correction of spindles working independently of each other. 

PUBLISHED: 8/16/2017

Rifling Machine Improves Capacity, Accuracy

Designed as a reliable, high-precision solution for gun manufacturers, Unisig’s R-2A rifling machine accurately finishes barrel blanks.

PUBLISHED: 8/11/2017

Machining Centers for Small-Lot, High-Mix/Low-Volume Applications

Westec 2017: Southwestern Industries’ Trak machines are said to increase productivity in shops that engage in small-lot or high-mix/low-volume work.

PUBLISHED: 8/11/2017

VMC Includes Four-Pallet Automation

EMO 2017: Matsuura Machinery will feature its MX-520 PC4, a four-pallet automated version of the MX-520 single-table, five-axis VMC, which was designed for customers seeking an automation solution.

PUBLISHED: 8/9/2017

Gundrilling Machine Performs Complex Operations in Single Fixturing Setup

Westec 2017: Kays Engineering presents its Eldorado KM75-48 three-axis gundrilling machine, which is used to manufacture products like transmission shafts, manifolds and mold matrices.

PUBLISHED: 8/2/2017

Linear Way VMCs Provide Stable, Precise Machining

Hannsa announces its Linear Way series of vertical machining centers designed to be compact in size and competitively priced while enabling precise, high-speed machining.

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