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Surface Measurement System Provides Mobility

The light, compact Jenoptik W10 mobile surface roughness measuring system features a long-lasting battery for taking measurements on the production line or shop floor.

System Combines Video Measuring, Comparator Features

Quality Vision International’s c-vision video contour projector combines the accuracy and automation of a video measuring system with the high load capacity of a horizontal comparator.

Horizontal Digital Optical Comparator Offers Extended Travel

Available from Methods Machine Tools, the VisionX VisionGauge 500-series horizontal digital optical comparator features 36" X-axis travel.

Non-Contact Gaging Systems Use Ultrasonic Sound Waves

Albion Devices offers a range of non-contact ultrasonic gaging and positioning systems that use air-coupled, pulse-echo acoustic technology.

Modular Multi-Gage System Enables Quick Configuration

Available from Mahr Federal, the Standard Elements modular gaging system features standard components to enable users to quickly configure and implement gaging solutions.

Portable 3D Laser Tracker Measures Large Components

Available from Hexagon Metrology, the Leica Absolut Tracker AT402 portable laser tracker can be used for fully guided 3D measurement processes as well as traditional inspection tasks.

3D Scanner Enables Reverse Engineering

Available from Capture 3D, the GOM mbH ATOS Core series of 3D scanners is suitable for inspection, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering applications.

CMM Stylus Holder Increases Flexibility

An adjustable stylus holder from Q-Mark positions CMM probes at various angles without the use of rotary adapters.

Contact Scanning System Facilitates Automated Process Control

Renishaw’s Sprint high speed analogue contact scanning system for CNC machine tools is designed to facilitate automated process control without the need for operator intervention.

Measuring Machine for Rotationally Symmetrical Parts

The Walter Helicheck Basic 2 CNC measuring machine available from United Grinding features a fixed CCD backlight camera for measuring complex profiles, step lengths, diameters and clearance angles.

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