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Vertical Turning Center Supports 2,000-kg Loads

Toshiba Machine Co. America offers the TUE-100 vertical turning center.

Profile Grinder’s Torque Tube Stabilizes Creep-Feed Grinding

Peter Wolters of America will display the Micron Macro high-rigidity profile grinder, designed for high-efficiency deep grinding (HEDG) and creep-feed profile grinding.

Monitoring System Eases Complex Process Evaluation

Marposs offers its next-generation Artis CTM V6 tool, machine and process monitoring system, which safeguards and optimizes complex production processes thanks to aligned, in-process monitoring.

Range of Motion Control Products Offered

HPB Motion Control will exhibit its range of motion control products, featuring its hybrid servo control system for plastic injection molding machines.

Tool Presetting and Measuring System Promotes Customization

The STP Futura line of tool presetting and measuring systems from Speroni features a modular design with a number of available configurations.

Multitasking Machine Features Fast Cycle/Tool Change Time

Available from Methods Machine Tools Inc., the Nakamura-Tome NTJ-100 multitasking turn-mill is designed to offer fast tool changes, a large tool capacity, and as many as 54 tool stations for turning and 24 tool stations for milling to reduce setup t...

Standardized Clamping and Gripping Products are Economical

Röhm Products of America exhibits a range of clamping and gripping products, including its new Orange Line, which covers drill chucks and live centers as well as lathe chucks and machine vises.

Entry-Level Machine Supports Thread-Whirling Operations

Tornos’ CT 20 automatic turning machine is equipped with a sliding headstock and accommodates 20-mm bars.

Rotary Broach Tools Cut Rosan-Type Ports

Slater Tools offers a line of rotary broach tools for producing forms popular in the aerospace and fastener industries.

Adaptable Pallet Changers Ease Installation

Midaco Corp. offers adaptable pallet changers for virtually all types of machining centers designed to reduce spindle downtime related to part loading and fixture change-over, especially for short-run jobs with smaller lot sizes.

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