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Compact Filtration Systems Integrate Cooling

Available from oelheld, the Vomat FA 480 – 960 series filtration systems are capable of processing 120 to 240 gpm.

Portable Filtration Unit Extends Fluid Life

Eclipse Magnetics’ off-line filtration system is a portable standalone unit for filtering coolants and oils.

Filtration Systems Occupy Compact Footprint

Available from oelheld, the Vomat FA 480, 600, 720, 840 and 960 series filtration systems are capable of processing 120 to 240 gpi.

Polymer Sealant Protects Metal Products

Birchwood Technologies’ Clearlock all-purpose water-based polyurethane sealant provides a protective topcoat on most metal surfaces.

Sump Cleaner Vacuums and Dispenses Simultaneously

The Freddy Ecovac 200 sump cleaner available from Sanborn Technologies can provide both suction and discharge of fluids simultaneously.

Grinding Fluid Extends Wheel Life

Sintogrind TTS-US grinding fluid from oelheld is formulated from synthetically produced polyalphaolefin-based fluid that the company says can provide a virtually unlimited life span if properly filtered.

Coolant Recycling System Extends Fluid Life

PRAB’s Guardian coolant recycling system reclaims and manages fluids for operations with industrial coolant or washwater reservoirs.

Magnetic Filter Removes Ferrous Contamination

The Micromag general-purpose magnetic filter from Eclipse Tools provides standard filtration for smaller wash stations in non-chemical environments.

Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid for Multi-Metal Substrates

Chemetall’s Tech Cool 35048BF semi-synthetic metalworking fluid is a 100-percent boron-free micro-emulsion formulated for improved lubricity and extended sump life.

Lubricant Meets Laboratory Certification

Unist, Inc. says its Coolube 2210 and Coolube 2210EP lubricant’s bio-based content has received independent laboratory.

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