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CNC Flat Bed Lathe for Large Workpieces

Available from YMT, L&L Machinery Industry’s LL-series ultra-rigid CNC flat-bed lathe is designed for extra long and large workpieces.

Turn-Mill Machine Features Counter Spindle

WFL’s M80-G Millturn features a counter spindle and is available with distances between centers measuring 2,000, 3,000, 4,500 or 6,000 mm.

CNC Turning Center for High-Production Applications

Goodway’s GLS-1500 series CNC turning center, available from Yama Seiki, features a 30-degree slant-bed casting design said to provide smoother chip disposal and easier operator access.

Gunsmithing Lathe Features Enclosed Gearbox

Grizzly Industrial’s model G0750G 12" × 36" gunsmithing lathe features an enclosed gearbox for quieter operation, longer gear and bearing life, and fewer oil changes.

Multitasking Machine for Large, Complex Parts

Mazak’s Integrex i-630V multitasking machine performs heavy-duty five-axis cutting via high-torque turning and milling spindles, including B- and C-axis capabilities.

Machine Combines Hard Turning, Grinding

Emag’s VLC 250 DS combines vertical hard turning and finish grinding in one setup on a single machine.

Variable-Speed Lathe Features Digital Display

Grizzly Industrial’s 10" × 22" G0752 lathe features an electronic variable-speed spindle control with a digital display that enables speed changes while the lathe is running.

CNC Automatic Lathe for Precision Parts

Marubeni’s R07 Cincom sliding-headstock-type CNC lathe offers a maximum machining diameter of 7 mm.

Multitasking Machine Increases Efficiency on Angular Features

The Nakamura-Tome NTJ-100 multitasking turn-mill center from Methods Machine Tool is designed for medical, aerospace and general job shop components applications.

Vertical Turning Lathe for Large, Heavy Parts

Methods Machine Tools’ high-performance Feeler FVT-600 vertical turning lathe is designed for machining large, heavy parts such as those used in the aerospace and power-generation industries.

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