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Flexible Workholding System Designed for Small Workpieces

Hainbuch America offers a quick-change workholding system consisting of a chuck and small, flexible jaw module for smaller workpieces ranging to 200 mm.

Quick-Change Pallet System Provides Universal Standard

The NSL series of Schunk’s Vero-S system enables shops to quickly and easily implement a quick-change pallet system with a universal standard.

Air Chuck Grips Gears

Northfield Precision’s Model 650 sliding-jaw air chuck, with 0.0001" TIR, features quick-change jaws and a hard stop.

Hydraulic Clamping Systems for High-Production Machining

Kurt’s hydraulic clamping systems are designed for faster, more accurate workpiece clamping.

Chuck for Coolant-Through Applications

Bilz offers its SCK Synchro chuck as a replacement for its discontinued SC Synchro chucks.

Quick-Change Chuck Eliminates Jaw Re-Boring

Schunk’s Rota THWplus quick- jaw-change chuck is designed for flexibility and efficiency in setups.

Clamp Enables Greater Spindle Access

The Triage 5axesClamp from Advanced Machine & Engineering enables five-axis spindles to reach virtually all areas of a workpiece.

Collet Series Promotes Accuracy, Durability

Available in sizes ranging from 1C to 25C, Hardinge’s C-series collets are designed for use in manual and CNC lathes, mills, grinding machines, collet blocks and closers, indexers, rotary tables, and toolholders.

Self-Centering Hydraulic Vise Enables Automated Loading

Planet Products offers a 6" self-centering vise in its ProHold series.

Self-Locking Nuts Resist Vibration

Hardlock Industry’s self-locking nuts are designed to withstand loosening from vibration that often occurs in fastener assemblies.

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