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PUBLISHED: 4/7/2016

Collet Chuck Balances Drive Shafts

Northfield Precision Instrument offers a special internal-grip collet chuck for balancing drive shafts.

PUBLISHED: 4/4/2016

Vise Reduces Setup Time for Secondary Operations

The Kurt SideWinder vise provides vertical workholding without interfering with an existing host vise or the spindle.

PUBLISHED: 4/1/2016

Modular Clamping System Enables Mounting of Multiple Workpieces

Exsys Tool offers the pL Lehmann SwissClamp modular clamping system, enabling operators to mount multiple workpieces on machine tool tables for uninterrupted production and unattended operations.

PUBLISHED: 3/16/2016

Jaw Force Gages Enable Individual Jaw Force Measurement

A series of jaw force gages from Dillon Manufacturing enable users to accurately measure the force applied to each chuck jaw independently, so that problems can be diagnosed and corrected before a failure occurs.

PUBLISHED: 3/14/2016

Face Drivers Reduce Cycle Times for Turning

SpinTech Tools offers Neidlein face drivers for workholding on turning machines, which are said to reduce cycle times by half and increase production and part quality.

PUBLISHED: 3/10/2016

Collet Chucks Accommodate Varied Workpiece Diameters

Quick-Grip CNC collet chucks from Royal Products are said to boost productivity by reducing collet change-over time to 10 sec.

PUBLISHED: 3/9/2016

Workholding System Speeds Change from Internal to External Clamping

The Captis workpiece clamping system from Röhm Products of America offers a range of workholding options for turning, milling and drilling applications through different combinations of modular components.

PUBLISHED: 2/11/2016

Tool Holds Parallels in Place

Rimeco Products’ ParaKeep—short for Parallel Keeper—is designed to be used with any standard set of parallels on any machine vise.

PUBLISHED: 2/9/2016

Chuck Eases Changing of Vacuum Fixture Plates

Northern Engineering and Manufacturing (NEMI) has released a vacuum chuck compatible with both horizontal and vertical machining centers for shops that use a variety of workholding.

PUBLISHED: 2/5/2016

Jaw Platform Enables Fast, Accurate Vise Jaw Change

Kurt Manufacturing’s DoveLock jaw setup enables one-minute vise jaw changes with repeatable accuracy of ±0.001".

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