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Vise Jaw System Holds Irregular Workpieces

The VersaGrip vise jaw system from Mitee-Bite is designed to offer the versatility of clamping standard vise work as well as workpieces that would normally require fixturing or machining soft jaws.

Pull-Type Vise Minimizes Jaw Deflection

Kurt Workholding’s HD690 pull-type vise features a 9" jaw opening for clamping larger workpieces with minimal stationary jaw deflection.

Clamping System Replaces T-Slot Platter

Big Kaiser’s modular Unilock zero-point clamping system is now available in a kit designed for Haas 160-mm platter rotary indexing tables.

Bench Vise Built on Forged Steel Frame

Available from Heck Industries, the Heuer bench vise features a forged steel frame for increased strength.

Soft Jaw Blanks Hold Materials Without Marking

Dillon Manufacturing offers soft blank top jaws said to provide a smooth gripping surface, low TIR, and greater holding power with increased workpiece contact.

Power Chuck for Gear Blanks

The Rota NCR six-jaw power chuck from Schunk is designed for machining thin-walled, easily deformed workpieces.

Clamping System Enables Five-Sided Machining

The Quadrok plus clamping system from Hainbuch is designed for five-sided machining in one setup and is capable of clamping parts for operations ranging from simple saw cuts to complex cast housings.

Electrical Clamping System Reduces Energy Usage

The EVS 50 electrical clamping system, part of Röhm’s e-Quipment line of clamping and gripping systems, activates power chucks on turning and grinding machines without hydraulics or pneumatics.

Flexible Workholding System Designed for Small Workpieces

Hainbuch America offers a quick-change workholding system consisting of a chuck and small, flexible jaw module for smaller workpieces ranging to 200 mm.

Quick-Change Pallet System Provides Universal Standard

The NSL series of Schunk’s Vero-S system enables shops to quickly and easily implement a quick-change pallet system with a universal standard.

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