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Rotary Table Provides Increased Torque

The Haas HRC210 high speed rotary table is driven by a roller cam system with a high-torque servomotor driving a globoidal cam.

Manual Chucks Designed for Heavy-Duty Applications

TMX large-diameter chucks from Toolmex are designed for medium- to heavy-duty aerospace, energy and heavy equipment applications.

Collet Adapters Improve Part Precision

Hardinge’s HCAC collet adaptation chuck adapts most spindles to accept C-series pull-back collets, J-series pull-back collets, stationary B-series collets, style-S master collets, step chucks, and closers and dead-length collets.

Compact Rotary Table Accommodates Large Workpieces

Kitagawa-NorthTech’s TP530 rotary table features a small, compact body with a low weight.

Bolt-on Trunnion Tables for Four-Axis Machining Centers

The Stallion 9\20 and 9\30 trunnion tables from are designed to optimize the rotary fourth-axis capability of horizontal and vertical machining centers.

Electromagnets for Steel Handling

Eriez offers its Electro Lift electromagnets in Selecto, bi-polar and rectangular designs for applications such as lifting steel sheets and unloading ships, containers or railcars.

Vise for Minimum Clamping Surfaces

Schunk’s Kontec KSX NC vise for simultaneous five-axis machining is designed to handle tool-free adjustable clamping forces between 4 and 40 kN measured directly at the workpiece.

Soft Jaws Increase Productivity

Kitagawa-Northtech’s KSB soft jaw series is designed to increase productivity.

Vulcanized Collet Systems for Quick Changeover

Hardinge’s 80-mm FlexC vulcanized collet system features collet chucks that mount directly to the machine spindle.

Rotary Stage for General-Purpose Positioning

Aerotech’s AGR series motorized rotary stages are said to improve speed, load capacity and long-term positioning performance for general-purpose positioning in laboratory and industrial applications.

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