Slideshow: Additive Manufacturing at EuroMold 2011

Here are scenes from a major trade show showcasing additive manufacturing.

Slideshow From: 12/7/2011 Modern Machine Shop, ,

One of the most important regular events for additive manufacturing is the EuroMold show in Frankfurt, Germany. The annual trade show devotes a large area of the exhibition floor specifically to additive processes. The show’s attention to additive manufacturing is so large that some exhibitors come here to emphasize additive applications beyond the show’s moldmaking theme. Here are few sights from the additive area of this year’s EuroMold show.

This display illustrates the promise of conformal cooling This titanium hinge used to be cast, but now is made through direct metal laser sintering Matsuura’s Lumex Avance-25 metal laser sintering “hybrid” milling machine On the Matsuura Lumex machine, laser sintering adds layers and a milling spindle Renishaw, a well-known name in measurement and inspection, is an important name in additive manufacturing A life-size tree model To demonstrate the potential resilience of an additively produced plastic part In 3D Systems’ booth 3D printing technology from Objet Arcam, maker of electron beam melting equipment ProMetal RCT, an ExOne company As this sample in ProMetal RCT’s booth Z Corporation’s 3D printers The Urbee fuel-efficient concept car Stratasys is able to produce

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