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A Special Message from Horn USA Inc.

Mini Cutting at its Peak

Proudly Made in the USA.

HORN USA, Inc. Franklin, TN is a wholly owned US subsidiary of Horn S.A. Luxemburg, Europe's leading supplier of grooving tools and a world leader in precision grooving technology. The company was incorporated in the US in 1997.

Manufacturing it in the US

Since 2001, the US operation has had local tool design manufacturing capabilities. Through the years the capacity has been significantly increased and currently HORN USA manufactures over 50% of their sales in the facility in Franklin, TN.

Special Tooling Capabilities

Manufacture of customized tooling accounts for a substantial amount of HORN USA sales, and the combination of local design engineering as well as production allow for a rapid and detailed response to customers requirements. A customized tooling solution will often save the end user many thousands of dollars through improved productivity, longer tool life and enhanced accuracy.

HORN USA is an ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified company.

Company Profile

Product Categories of Horn USA Inc.

  • Boring Tools & Heads for Machining Centers
  • Boring Tools for Turning Machines
  • Broaching Tools
  • Chamfering Tools
  • Collets for Toolholding
  • Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
  • End Mills
  • Form Tools
  • Gear Cutting Tools
  • Grooving Tools
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
  • Key Seating Tools
  • Milling Cutters
  • Reamers
  • Slotting Saws
  • Thread Milling Cutters
  • Thread Whirling Tools
  • Threading Tools
  • Tool Blanks
  • Tool Holders & Adapters

Trade Names

  • 3-Peat (Grooving)
  • Centro P (Precision ER System)
  • DA System
  • DM System
  • DS System
  • GPS (Groove, Part-Off, Side Tu
  • Mini (Internal Groove)
  • Supermini

As seen in MMS

Face Milling Cutter for High-Polish Milling
Horn’s M117P face milling cutter is designed for high-polish milling applications.

Tools Improve Process Reliability in Oil and Gas Applications
Horn offers a range of tooling for mechanical machining of pipes and sleeves for the crude oil and gas industries.

Cutting Tool Helps Automotive Manufacturer Implement Design Change
Horn USA’s Mini Mill helped Machine Tool and Gear mill a flat at 90 degrees from other operations.

Carbide Blanks Available for Precision Tool Manufacturers
Horn offers a range of carbide blanks for precision tools in both ground and raw-sintered versions.

Cutting Insert Incorporates Through-Tool Coolant
The Horn HP65-grade S224 indexable insert with through-tool coolant features the company’s 3V geometry and a 3-mm (0.118") grooving width.

Cutting Insert Offers Internal Coolant Jet
Horn USA offers its S100 cutting insert in the HP65 coating grade, featuring 3V geometry and measuring 3 mm (0.118") wide.

Anatomy of a High-Feed Insert
These tools exploit chip thinning to enable efficient roughing at high feed rates and light cutting depths.

Anatomy of a High-Feed Insert
An examination of Horn’s recently expanded DAH series sheds light on the design features that make high-feed milling inserts effective. These particular tools also offer their own advantages.

Event Highlights Growing, Diverse Tool Supplier
Horn’s biennial “Technology Days” proved aptly named, as attendees were treated to a wealth of technical information. That included a tour of a new carbide plant where “green” inserts are shaped via extrusion and injection molding.

Indexable Inserts from Powder
During the 2013 edition of its biennial “Technology Days” event, Horn treated the press to a tour of its entire manufacturing operation. Here are a few highlights.

New Cutting Tools Unveiled
Among the 10 products being introduced in the U.S. for the first time are the 109 type Supermini series grooving and boring tools and the S100 cutting insert with internal cooling.

Grooving, Chamfering and More for Small-Diameter Bores
Horn will display it's Supermini series inserts at IMTS 2012.

Road Report: Wish You Were Here, Day 4
This year, the volcano in Iceland didn’t stop Chris Koepfer, editor-in-chief of Production Machining magazine, from visiting grooving tool maker P.H. Horn for its Technology Days open house and seminar in Tubingen, Germany.

Complete Machining Products
Horn’s System DR Reaming system features narrow cutter inserts for precision machining of steels, cast materials, non-ferrous metals and plastics. The DR product, produced under license from Urma AG, is available with cutting edge diameters ranging from 0.465" to 5.518" (11.9 - 141 mm).

Tech Days and the Volcano
On April 17, I was ticketed on a flight from Atlanta to Stuttgart, Germany at the invitation of cutting tool maker Horn USA. Unfortunately, the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano disrupted my trip.

More Effective Groove Milling For Gearboxes
A cutting tools supplier developed a grooving tool with an 18-inch gage length and a radial runout of just 0.004 inch. That tool enabled a gearbox manufacturer to increase its groove milling feed rate tenfold for a hard-to-reach bore.

Custom Tooling Solutions
Horn USA offers Solutions Plus, a combination of the company’s custom tooling solutions for difficult machining applications and a guaranteed 2-week delivery with free overnight shipping. The company indicates when a tool is available for the program on its official quotation.

Milling System Uses Triple-Edged Indexable Inserts
The DA multi-milling system offers solutions for face milling, corner milling, plunge and pocket milling, chamfering and pre-drilling tasks. The system’s positive geometry helps reduce the risk of vibration because the tools and drive units are only slightly loaded. Diameter-specific inserts with helical reliefs ar

Horn USA Celebrates 10th Anniversary
 This year marks the 10th anniversary of cutting-tools manufacturer Horn USA, which is located in Franklin, Tennessee. The Horn USA headquarters occupies approximately 25,000 square feet and can grind over 50,000 cutting tool inserts per month for grooving, parting-off and small-boring applications. A subsidiary of

Custom Tools For Critical Grooves
This tier-one auto supplier pooled metalworking talents to develop custom groove milling tools to deliver the accuracy and finish necessary for precision brake caliper grooves.