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Air Turbine Tools® governed constant high speed tools redefine performance for today's high speed Hand Tools, Motors and Spindles. From CNC, robotic and other mounted applications, to hand finishing operations, these tools deliver cleaner cutting action and faster production rates.


Only a light hand to guide the tool is needed with powerful constant governed controlled Air Turbine Tools®. Try these unique oil free units with automatic brakes from 25,000 rpm to 90,000 rpm that keep their high torque under load. Near silent and from 6oz.
With only two moving parts (the patented turbine + bearings), the 70 low vibration tools reduce stress and injury risk and are durable.

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Edge, spot and face milling at governed constant high speed with the 1.4HP Air Turbine Motors™ 430XHD.
In Ohio, Fanuc Robots mill at  40,000 rpm to finish cast aluminium engine blocks, deburring with mobile arms cycling twin Air Turbine Motors™. Another Robot carries parts for spot milling using a static Air Turbine Unit.
Near silent, maintenance free and oil free. Easy to mount with a faceplate or compliance unit – all you need is 90PSI  dry, clean, oil free air supply.
Fixtured in thousands of applications, Air Turbine Motors™ accelerate production, improve finish quality and reduce repair costs. Call for a demonstration in your application at 561-994-0500.

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Air Turbine Tools®   are light, powerful, and near silent. The popular 50,000RPM 206XSV (pictured left) improves production, cuts repairs and reduces stress injuries. This unit weighs just 8oz / 0.23kg but generates plenty of power for your job at 0.4HP / 0.30kW.  
Air Turbine Tools® deliver cutting performance with a light touch for operator comfort. Stress injuries, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and noise are major problems we reduce. From intricate work to 1.4 HP units removing welds, Air Turbine Tools® transform hand work.  
Only Air Turbine Tools® have a patented automatic brake stopping the hand tool in seconds and a proprietary super light angle tools series with no gears, just the tool in the head.

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Company Profile

Air Turbine Tools® is the manufacturer of 150 patented governed low vibration hand tools, motor mounts and spindles. 
Air Turbine Tools® are powerful governed direct drive spindles with constant governed high speeds from 25,000 to 90,000 rpm and torque under load up to 80% of rated max power of 1.4HP (1 Kw).  
Deburring is a specialty for us. 
From the big 1.4HP 40,000 rpm 230DM hand tool (which is astonishingly light and quiet with almost no vibration) to the compact range of small tools for fine work, Air Turbine Tools® are proven, precise and reliable in manual deburring operations. 
Only a light hand is needed to guide the tool, reducing stress and increasing accuracy.
The clean finish delivered by high speed eliminates secondary finishing.  High torque is available to maintain high speed on the cutting surface.  Cutting tool life is also extended as a result of the light pressure and carbide tool coatings operate best at high rotational speeds.
Ultra low weight and vibration are ideal for robotic applications - assuring accuracy at the same time as production is accelerated.
Totally oil free Air Turbine Tools® operate with only 2 moving parts (turbine + bearings) generating high speed and torque without gears, brushes or vanes.  Durability is increased. 
These product ranges save money and time for machine shops in thousands of applications - from CNC steel mold milling, pre-machining, finishing, drilling, deburring, part cleaning, trimming, engraving, graphite, metals, ceramics and plastics at constant high speeds with constant high power.
Low heat and thermal expansion result from this mechanism and circulation of turbine air. 
Lubrication, Control Systems and oil mist contamination are also eliminated.  All you require to use Air Turbine Tools® is an oil free, dry, clean 90PSI / 6.2 Bar air supply.
Patented Air Turbine Motors™ and Air Turbine Spindles™ accelerate milling, drilling feed rates, improve finish quality, extend cutting tool life and eliminate problems with high frequency electric or geared spindles. 
Only Air Turbine Spindles™ mill 24/7 at high speeds with no duty cycle.

Manually installed or using our patent pending TMA Auto Changer and Block, Air Turbine Spindles™ retrofit any machine, lathe or CNC for constant high speed speed milling and increase advance rates 6 - 10 x.
This range of new solutions is made in the USA.
Air Turbine Technology, Inc. 
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  • Drilling Heads/Attachments
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Trade Names

  • Air Turbine Motors®
  • Air Turbine Spindles®
  • Air Turbine Tools®

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