Amada America, Inc.

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7025 Firestone Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90621 US

Product Categories of Amada America, Inc.

  • Automated System & Cells for Material Forming & Fabricating
  • Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
  • Communications Networks, & Data Transmission Equipment
  • Direct or Distributive Numerical Control (DNC) Systems
  • Laser Cutting Systems
  • Lasers, CO2
  • Leasing & Financing Services
  • Notching & Slotting Machines
  • Press Automation Devices
  • Press Brakes - Mechanical & Hydraulic
  • Presses, Hydraulic, Gap Frame
  • Presses, Stamping, Automatic
  • Punch Press/Laser (or Plasma), CNC Combination
  • Punch Presses, CNC Turret
  • Robots, Industrial
  • Shears, Guillotine (Squaring)
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Nesting
  • Toolholders
  • Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

Trade Names

  • Amada

As seen in MMS

Optical Profile Grinder Has Digital Vision
This reciprocating CNC profile grinder uses a digital profile derived from a CAD file to replace the chart or overlay required for optical profile grinders.

Bending System Handles Large Parts
Amada America’s Astro 165W NT robotic bending system is designed for safe, precise bending of large parts and thick materials, while reducing labor and processing costs.

Sampling Fabtech
Watch this slideshow to see products designed to increase productivity and ease operator training in manufacturing applications.

Press Brake For High-Output Environments

One Machine For Punching And Laser Cutting

Monitoring Machine Performance

Let There Be Lights
Often, these unwelcome situations mean an expensive workpiece must be scrapped or remade, usually resulting in production delays, added costs, or missed deliveries.

A Highly Evolved Fab Shop
In today's manufacturing environment, it's survival of the fittest. This fab shop found that an automated fabricating cell was a natural selection. Continuing this process of evolution, a new species of job shop may emerge.

Laser Offers High Production For Low Volumes
"Laser technology," says Mr. Brownhill, "is the bridge across the 50 to 500 piece lot size gap. Shops can make money on these volumes, using a laser". And, it's toward this segment of the sheet metal fabrication market that Amada has pointed its high speed Pulsar laser machine.