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Product Categories of Balluff, Inc.

  • Identification Systems
  • Probes, Electromechanical
  • Tool Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Tool Storage & Handling Systems

Trade Names

  • Balluff
  • Steelface Sensors

As seen in MMS

Sensors Withstand Welding Environments
Balluff’s flatpack SteelFace inductive sensors are designed for heavy manufacturing, such as welding and stamping operations.

Leveraging Technology for Manufacturing Traceability
A free white paper explains how RFID and barcode technologies can play a key role in developing an effective traceability program.

Tool Certainty
For GKN Aerospace to overcome tool-related variations on its largest milling machines, it had to confront error sources that go unnoticed in many shops.

Long Range Laser Sensor

The Technology Of Lean Machining
This plant makes different choices for its machining cells depending on whether the parts to be machined there are known or unknown.