Beere Precision Products, Inc.

Phone: 262-632-0472
Toll-Free: 800-348-0101
Fax: 262-632-8142

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Mailing Address:
4915 21st St.
Racine, WI 53406 US

Product Categories of Beere Precision Products, Inc.

  • Fixturing Systems
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables

Trade Names

  • Multi-Collet Fixture
  • Tip Shear

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Succeeding Beyond A Specialty
This shop watched its chosen niche become less profitable. Its response was a dramatic investment in new equipment, along with an information-related change that has made all of the shop’s equipment more cost-effective.

Securing The Future
Multiple-part fixturing helps boost the output of these high-volume machining cells while preserving flexibility. The success of these cells is proving to be a critical component of this automotive part maker’s turnaround strategy.

Get A Grip On Process Improvements
Innovative workholding solutions help you hold onto productivity and profit in a machining process. Five new ideas show the value of creative clamping and fixturing.