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Company Profile

Blaser Swisslube develops and produces high-quality cutting and grinding fluids and its customers produce with great success, a wide range of products, from the tiniest of components to large, critical and structural components in all manufacturing industries. Blaser Swisslube is an independent and family-owned Swiss company founded in 1936. Blaser Swisslube is represented in about 60 countries, close to its customers. The Company develops and produces high-quality cutting and grinding fluids and its customers produce, with great success, a wide range of products from the tiniest of components to large, critical and structural components in all manufacturing industries.

Our goal is to optimize its customers‘ manufacturing processes with the liquid tool and to improve their economic efficiency, productivity as well as the machining quality. In close cooperation with the customers, Blaser Swisslube presents the possibilities to fully exploit the potential of machines and tools by using the right metalworking fluid which becomes a liquid tool. This promise is backed by excellent products, customized services, competent experts and its long experience in the metalworking industry.

Product Categories of Blaser Swisslube Inc.

  • Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils

Trade Names

  • B-Cool
  • Blasocut
  • Blasogrind
  • Blasomill
  • Jetmix
  • Minimix
  • Vasco
  • Vascomill

As seen in MMS

NTMA Members Share Observations after Japan Manufacturing Tour
U.S. shop owners and managers comment on the plants they visited, automation and culture, and the value of getting to see manufacturers far away in the company of other shop leaders.

Swiss Technology Tour
A recent Switzerland tour organized by the NTMA revealed insights on machine and spindle collision protection, fluids for deep-hole drilling and more.

Metalworking Fluids Offered
Blaser Swisslube offers high-quality metalworking fluids for applications including production of tiny parts for watchmaking, demanding parts in the medical industry, structural elements for the aircraft industry and mass-produced automotive parts.

Metalworking Fluid Emulsion Extends Tool Life
Blaser Swisslube’s Blasocut BC935SW is said to provide high bio-chemical stability and increased sump life without the use of bactericides.

What’s Best for Boring Titanium?
In a joint research effort, Kaiser Precision Tooling and Blaser Swisslube searched for a combination of metalworking fluid and indexable insert that show the best results when boring titanium. The results underscore the importance of controlling vibration, friction and heat.

Metalworking Fluids and Machining
Blaser Swisslube uses its technology center in Switzerland to conduct tests that mimic the real-world work its customers perform. Here’s an example of an optimized drilling process.

Advancing Manufacturing, Tomorrow and Today
A drilling solution improves the production of a component that is critical for correcting spinal disorders. Meanwhile, an apprenticeship program ensures that improvements like this one can continue into the future.

Tool-Related Considerations for More Efficient Machining of Titanium
The expert in our Titanium Machining Zone offers advice related to coolants and coatings.

Grinding Oil Improves Surface Quality
Blasogrind HC 5 from Blaser Swisslube is a high-performance grinding oil based on synthetic oil (hydro-racked oil). Applications include precision tool grinding, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, fine profile grinding and lapping. Materials include steel; hardening and tempering steels; high speed steel; hard alloy; stainless steel; and carbide.

'Lights-Out' With A Lighter Commitment
For this integrated flexible pallet cell, the machines and the pallet system came from different suppliers. The shop is not locked into any supplier for adding machining centers later.

Metalworking Fluid Useful With Soft Water

Doing Away With Coolant Disposal
This shop installed a series of improvements that eliminated spent coolant waste.

Fixing Smelly Corroding Coolant Sumps Pays Off For Injection Mold Maker
As this company grew and the machine shop expanded, odor and corrosion started to gain the upper hand.

Research Center Solves Coolant Odor Problem And Improves Recyclability
Recently, the shop personnel at NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California, complained of a pungent odor problem with the coolant being used. To solve this problem, the Center's engineering group developed a coolant management program.