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As seen in MMS

Okuma Welcomes Velocity/Briney to Partners in THINC
The new membership of Velocity/Briney brings the Velocity Smart Tool to use with Okuma machines.

Optimized Machining out of the Box
Four tooling-related companies partner to supply dynamically stable milling for improved productivity on existing machine tools. Users do not have to measure the dynamics of their machines. Instead, tooling tailored to the machine arrives as a complete assembly, along with software for quickly determining the parameters that tooling can be used to achieve.

Maximizing Power for High Speed Hog-outs
A reader asks a question related to the rated power of a machine tool spindle.

Improving Surface Finish During High Speed Machining
Many factors can affect surface finish. This answer to a reader’s question focuses on imbalance and frequency sensitivity.

What is Your Cost Model Costing You?
Some savings are hard to measure precisely, particularly on a per-part basis. That doesn’t mean those savings don’t exist.

The Online Optimizer
Coming soon: The Machine Tool Genome Project promises to let almost any machine shop use its machining centers more productively. Shops will benefit from tap-test findings without personally tapping any of their own machines or tools.

How to Overcome an Acc/Dec Limitation in High Speed Machining
A small pocket in a graphite workpiece limits productivity. Part of the expert’s response is to consider how a lower feed rate might actually be more productive—because the machine will spend more time at the programmed rate.

Why Do Cutting Tool Charts Give Recommended Parameters in a Broad Range?
The answer has to do with the differences from cut to cut, as well as the differences that make some shops more capable than others.

Basic Questions on High Speed Machining
Can HSM apply to turning? Does the “speed” refer to cutting speed or spindle speed? What is the explanation behind lower forces and lower heat generation?

Dial Down or Dial Up?
Vibration analysis may be the machining center’s missing piece. If you haven’t performed this analysis on your high speed machine, you probably don’t know what the machine can do.