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Powerful & Affordable CAD/CAM Software

BobCAD-CAM 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 Axis CAD/CAM Software for CNC Machining
BobCAD-CAM 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 Axis CAD/CAM Software for CNC Machining

BobCAD-CAM Software

BobCAD-CAM CNC programming software offers a shop everything necessary to work with or fully design solid part files and machine them directly.  This includes file importing and complete hybrid solid modeling features for designing simple and complex parts for machining.  CAM functionality includes toolpath and machining strategies for multi-tool drilling, roughing and finishing for 2, 3, 4 and 5 Axis CNC Machining.  The latest BobCAD-CAM software is modular so you don't have to spend more for what you need right now.  Also offered is CNC Lathe, Artistic and Nesting add-on products that are all developed to save you time and increase profitability.



BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ is the latest in CNC machining technology integrated as an Add-In inside of SOLIDWORKS for creating 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 Axis toolpath and complete G-Code programs for your Machine Tool. BobCAM gives you special machining wizards for all of the milling strategies which removes the guesswork from programming. Aside from providing you standard 2.5 axis machining capabilities and multi-tool drilling capabilities, the latest BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS add-in offers powerful advanced machining technology which includes advanced Roughing with optimized step control, Rest finishing, Flatlands and Pencil machining strategies allow you to rough and finish parts faster, smarter and easier! New Dynamic Machining Strategies™ increase workflow efficiency and High Speed toolpaths can reduce cycle times by as much as 70%.  BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS also includes the ability to create multiple machine setups and gives you all new single window virtual simulation! The cost is simply an added benefit! And now you can add-on the new 2 axis lathe module for CNC Turning right inside SOLIDWORKS!

Manufacturers of The Future
Manufacturers of The Future

Manufacturers of The Future

BobCAD-CAM is proud to announce the all new Manufacturers of The Future campaign for schools, teachers and students everywhere! The goal of this program is to provide teachers and students with the latest in CAD Design and CAM machining software technology at costs that can easily fit into your budget.

This program includes special pricing that works for schools as well as for students that want a powerful CAD/CAM solution as they enter the work force. Our class-lab software packages include training tutorials and video instructional materials that are aimed at creating professionals with the skills required to enter the manufacturing industry successfully.

Key Benefits

-  CAD/CAM Software that is easy to teach

-  School Software packages come with Training Videos

-  Students pick up on it faster because of incorporated Wizard Technology

-  Support & Training for teachers is FREE

-  Students can access CAD/CAM software at prices they can afford

Manufacturers of The Future also includes a "Work-Ready" program which makes our CAD/CAM systems are accessible financially for students to make sure that every student who graduates can enter the workforce with BobCAD-CAM. 

Company Profile

Since 1985 BobCAD-CAM has been dedicated to providing manufacturers just like you with powerful and easy to use CNC programming CAD-CAM software. Our purpose is helping you effectively automate the machining process. We now provide CNC G & M Code for Mill, Lathe, Router, Water Jet, Laser, Plasma and Wire EDM machines. Our CAD/CAM systems offer powerful CAD functionality for design combined with Toolpath and complete G Code producing functionality, making programming for your CNC machine simple. We look forward to helping you make chips out of the competition!

Product Categories of BobCAD-CAM Software

  • Milling Machines, Knee & Column, Non-ATC
  • Milling Machines, Universal
  • Miniature Machines for Training
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
  • Software, NC Verification
  • Software, Nesting
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Software, Tool Design
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet

Trade Names

  • BobART
  • BobCAD-CAM Lathe
  • BobCAD-CAM Mill 4-5 Multiaxis
  • BobCAD-CAM Mill Express/Std/Pro
  • BobCAD-CAM Mill Turn
  • BobCAD-CAM Wire EDM
  • BobNEST
  • Training Professor Video Series

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BobCAD-CAM 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 Axis CNC Milling CAD/CAM

The latest BobCAD-CAM cnc software allows you to quickly design or import 2D & 3D parts and generate toolpaths for g-code programming. Known for being one of the most intuitive CAD-CAM software products available, BobCAD-CAM is also modular which means that you can add machining capabilities as you need them. This allows us to provide CAD/CAM software for every shop while keeping all of products affordable. In terms of CAM, our Dynamic Machining Strategies give you the ability to load multiple machining strategies into one operation. This is a major step toward increasing workflow efficiency. Our Dynamic Machining Strategies give you a wide variety of on the fly programming and editing utilities to efficiently program your parts using combinations of machining strategies that are all wizard driven to remove the guesswork while giving you the highest quality toolpaths in CAM. You can use BobCAD-CAM software for CNC Milling, Routing, Waterjet, Laser, Burning and Plasma machining.


The Lathe CAD/CAM software provides complete 2D & 3D Design capabilities, 2 Axis CAM toolpath and G-Code programming solutions for CNC Turning.


BobNEST is a powerful true shape nesting system that gives you faster, smarter sheet optimizing functionality so that you can increase your per-job profitability through higher yields on your nesting jobs.


The BobART add-on software module provides you with the ability to turn your artistic imagination into a manufacturing reality! This is an excellent product for trades such as sign making, custom wood working, jewelry making, CNC routing, water jet and more!


The Machinist Toolbox

The Machinist Toolbox™ is a popular shop software utility for CNC machinists everywhere! Every CNC machinist needs fast access to optimized speed and feed calculations for Milling, Drilling, Turning & Tapping as well as Trig calculators, quick conversion formulas and important reference guides.


BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ is the latest Gold Partner in CNC machining technology integrated as an Add-In inside of SOLIDWORKS for creating 2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis toolpath and complete G-Code programs for your Machine Tool.

Product Announcements Provided By BobCAD-CAM Software

BobCAD-CAM Releases NEW 4 & 5 Axis Simultaneous CNC Milling Software

Manufacturing Technology Pioneer BobCAD-CAM, Inc. Brings Powerful Machining Capabilities To SolidWorks 2011 CAD Software As A New Gold Partner

BobCAD-CAM Launches Manufacturers of The Future program to helps Schools and Students Learn CAD/CAM

BobCAD-CAM Releases New Version 25 CAD/CAM System

As seen in MMS

Software Enables Work with Remnant, Irregularly-Shaped Sheet Metal
BobCAD-CAM’s Nesting Standard and Nesting Pro CAD/CAM software modules provide intelligent sheet optimizing technology that can increase material usage for sheet cutting on CNC mill, router, laser, plasma and waterjet machines.

CAM Plug-In for Solidworks Supports Multitasking Machine Programming
BobCAD-CAM has released version 5 of its BobCAM for Solidworks CNC programming software including more features, modules and overall system improvements.

BobCAD-CAM Hires VP, Sales
Before he served in leadership positions in the private sector, Chris Skinner was a champion Canadian football player.

BobCAD-CAM Releases Training Videos for Latest Version of Software
The training videos, which cover BobCAD-CAM’s new and existing features, is available from the company’s website.

CAD/CAM Software Supports Simulation of Custom-Shaped Tools
Version 28 of BobCAD-CAM’s flagship software is said to be compatible with all custom and specialty milling and turning tool shapes for CNC simulations.

BobCAD-CAM Opens Office in Texas
The company says that demand for its software has increased in the Southern region, necessitating an expansion.

Keeping It in the Family
This small job shop utilizes CAD/CAM software to increase efficiency of older machines, improving part production and creating new business opportunities in the process.

CAD/CAM Software Provides Modular Functionality Options
BobCAD-CAM software is designed to increase CNC productivity for applications in the aerospace, automotive, production manufacturing, moldmaking and general machining industries with the ability to automatically generate NC programming code for a variety of CNC machine tool controllers.

CAD/CAM Software Enhances Design Capabilities
BobCAD-CAM has released the v27 series of its CAD/CAM CNC machining software for 2.5-, three-, four- and full five-axis simultaneous CNC machining.

Software Applies Multiple Operations to CAD Feature
BobCAD-CAM will display its range of CAD/CAM software for CNC programming, with an emphasis on its Dynamic Machining Strategies (DMS) for two-, three-, four- and five-axis tool paths.

CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Programming
Version 26 of BobCAD-CAM’s core CAD-CAM software for CNC milling combines existing 2D and 3D machining technology with the company’s Dynamic Machining Strategies (DMS) said to streamline CAM programming.

Providing Consistent Tool Engagement in Five Axes
BobCAD-CAM says it is the first to provide a consistent tool-engagement-angle toolpath strategy for two through five-axis operations.

Consistent Tool Engagement in Five Axes
This tool path applies the consistent-tool-engagement-angle strategy that previously has been only available for two- and three-axis operations to four- and five-axis simultaneous movements.

CAD/CAM Software For Simple and Complex Parts
BobCAD-CAM’s will showcase Version 25 of its CAD/CAM software at IMTS 2012.

CAD/CAM System With 2D, 3D Technology

CNC Machining Fuels Guitar Innovations
Could Ron Thorn produce a gorgeous electric guitar completely by hand? Sure. Would he now that he has a “metalworking” CNC machine tool? Probably not.