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Product Categories of Bystronic Inc.

  • Automated System & Cells for Material Forming & Fabricating
  • Laser Cutting Systems
  • Lasers, CO2
  • Pipe Fabricating & Forming Equipment
  • Press Brakes - Mechanical & Hydraulic
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Nesting
  • Waterjet Cutting Machines

Trade Names

  • ByAutonom
  • ByJet Smart
  • BySmart Fiber
  • Bysoft CNC software
  • BySpeed Pro
  • BySprint Fiber
  • BySprint Pro
  • Bystar
  • ByTower
  • ByTrans Extended
  • Plant Manager Cutting
  • Xact press brake
  • Xcite press brake
  • Xpert 40 press brake
  • Xpert press brake

As seen in MMS

May 2016 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser & Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on machines for laser and waterjet cutting.

Fiber Laser Processes Various Sheet Materials, Thicknesses
Bystronic introduces its BySmart Fiber 3015, a fiber laser cutting machine designed for users who are looking for quality machine performance at a lower investment cost.

Laser System Provides Two Source Options
Bystronic’s BySprint Pro 3015 offers a highly efficient ByLaser CO2 laser source and high machine dynamics for high-speed laser cutting.

Press Brake Features a Comprehensive Database
Bystronic offers products in its laser, bending and software product lines, highlighting the Bystronic Xpert press brake.

Bystronic Opens North American Subsidiary
Switzerland-based Bystronic recently celebrated the grand opening of the new headquarters of its North American subsidiary in Elgin, Illinois.

Waterjet Combines Economy, Performance
Bystronic offers its Byjet Smart, which is designed to provide high-performance waterjet machining.

Efficient, High Speed Laser Cutting
The BySprint Pro 3015 high speed laser-cutting system combines an efficient Bylaser 4. 4-kW laser source and high machine dynamics for cost-effective, productive laser cutting, says manufacturer Bystronic.

Advanced Features For Resonator
 Bystronic’s Bylaser, a 6,000W resonator, incorporates a mirror detection system, an end mirror sensor and an output coupler sensor. According to the company, these features automatically monitor the conditions of the two most important mirrors in the system and will shut down the resonator if a fault is detected. The magnetic blower is said to provide a wear-free and maintenance-free turbine blower that requires no lubrication or other maintenance tasks.

CNC Abrasive Metering
Bystronic offers CNC abrasive metering on all of its Byjet abrasive waterjet cutting systems. This system allows for the fine-tuning the amount of abrasive. On the fly, this amount can be changed from 0 to 1.

Angle Head For Waterjet
Bystronic’s manual bevel angle cutting head option for Byjet waterjet cutting systems increases the flexibility of the system by allowing cutting at angles ranging to 45 degrees. In conjunction with the integrated height control and collision protection, the bevel head can be used for weld preparation or the cuttin

Press Brake Systems Feature Hydraulic Technology

Waterjet Features Shuttle Table, Swing-Arm Loader

-axis Press Brake Features Springback Compensation

Laser Cutting System Features 5.2 kW Resonator