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Use KeyCreator Direct CAD to Save Time & Money

Kubotek's KeyCreator Direct CAD - The 1 CAD Solution for the Modern Machine Shop

Kubotek's KeyCreator Direct CAD is the best CAD solution for Machine Shops that want to speed up the process of preparing files for manufacturing and machining operations.

KeyCreator is 30-600% faster than traditional CAD software because it allows you to edit and make changes to original CAD files, regardless of how they were generated or in what software they originate.

With a 20-50% lower total cost of ownership, Modern Machine Shops that use KeyCreator reduce CAD license and maintenance costs and reduce the complexity of managing multiple CAD systems.

Don't be fooled into thinking the most popular design software is the best for your machine shop.  Learn what the highest performing shops already know.  KeyCreator Direct CAD will give you the edge you need to improve time to manufacture, reduce costs and increase profits.

Request a free on-line demo of KeyCreator Direct CAD today.

Company Profile

Kubotek is a leading supplier of CAD/CAM software, CAD Viewers and other integrated engineering software tools for OEM’s, job shops, contract manufacturers, mold, tool & die makers. The focus of Kubotek technology centers on Direct Modeling, which means Kubotek software can easily create, edit or communicate changes to model data - if the model has geometry, users can work with it. Kubotek’s technology works so well with model geometry, it can recognize, even infer, geometric attributes of a model, no matter where it originated. The result is that anyone can use Kubotek software throughout the design to manufacture process. Users see quick time to market, reduced costs and improved quality. Founded in 1979, Kubotek Corporation is a publicly traded company with annual sales of $50 million. Kubotek USA, Inc. is headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts and is the American subsidiary of the Kubotek Corporation Creation Engineering Division. Offices and authorized resellers are located throughout the world.

Product Categories of Kubotek USA Inc.

  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
  • Software, NC Verification
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Software, Tool Design

Trade Names

  • KeyCreator Direct CAD
  • KeyCreator Analysis
  • KeyCreator Artisan
  • KeyCreator Compare
  • KeyCreator Machinist
  • KeyMarkUp
  • Kubotek ECO Manager
  • Kubotek Spectrum
  • Kubotek Validation Tool

Deep Links

What’s the Key to Profitable Growth?

Working with 3D Models: The Contract Manufacturer's Key to Profitable Growth

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Download this ebook to discover why 3D models are on the critical path to profitability and how a new wave of modern technologies can help most contract manufacturers work efficiently and productively with customer 3D models.

Direct Modeling 101

Direct Modeling 101 - Your Guide to Direct Modeling

Direct Modeling 101

Download the interactive ebook or static PDF to read more about how Direct Modeling will help you improve your design process and get your product to market faster. Figure out how it differs from traditional, parametric-based CAD, and then learn about what to look for in a 3D Direct CAD system.  Get your free copy of Direct Modeling 101.

Direct CAD for the Contract Manufacturer [eBook]

Get the Details About the Value of Direct CAD for Contract Manufacturers

Direct CAD for the Contract Manufacturer

Direct CAD is a must have tool for job shops, contract manufacturers or any manufacturing operation that works with multiple CAD formats to obtain manufacturing CAD data from part designs. Request this free eBook to uncover the many unique advantages that Direct CAD has over other types of CAD software, including what makes is particularly valuable to contract manufacturers.

Why Manufacturers Need Direct CAD [free whitepaper]

Why Do Manufacturers Need Direct CAD?

Reuse CAD data to drive manufacturing operations

Because Direct CAD gives manufacturers legendary reuse of CAD data.

Manufacturers can see productivity increases and cost savings when using Direct CAD, especially when its used in downstream manufacturing operations.  Learn more about the advantages of Direct CAD for the Manufacturer in this free whitepaper.



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Purchase the most popular versions of our Direct CAD, CAM and CAD Viewer Software online at Kubotek's Store.

Product Announcements Provided By Kubotek USA Inc.

KeyCreator 2015 is Released

As seen in MMS

CAD Comparison Module Expands Software Functionality
KeyCreator 2015 from Kubotek includes KeyCreator Compare, a CAD comparison module that enables the software to import, edit and compare dozens of native CAD files produced from other systems.

CAD Software Offers Enhancements, Updates
Kubotek USA’s KeyCreator 2014 CAD software offers added customer-driven features and a variety of other enhancements and updates designed to increase productivity and efficiency for everyday modeling tasks.

Viewer Software Enables Mark-up of CAD Files
Kubotek USA will highlight the KeyMarkUp CAD Viewer, part of its family of CAD software products.

Software Manufacturers Reveal Mold/Die Offerings
The resurgence of U.S. manufacturing has kept two mold/die software manufacturers extremely busy.

Validate And Compare 3D CAD Models

Tools Add Flexibility To CAD/CAM Software

Manufacturer Uses Software To Create Innovative Product
This software program has been formulated to assist users in the design of tooling, complex machinery, fixtures, molds and dies in numerous product development industries, including automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, sports equipment, medical devices and others.

Turning Ideas Into Parts
To get maximum leverage from its manufacturing know-how, Krieger Machine, a CNC shop in Stuart, Florida, draws on all of its software resources - CAD, CAM and shopfloor programming. The shop relies on KeyCreator from Kubotek as its main CAD resource. Mastercam from CNC Software is its main CAM resource. On the shop floor, conversational programming on the Hurco vertical machining centers proves to be another vital resource. All three systems help the shop succeed as a reliable producer of precision parts for a variety of industries.

CAD Product Takes A New Direction
This CAD software is the first commercial application based on the GeMS++ object-oriented database and memory management tools developed by Honeywell in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Building 3D Machining Knowledge Into CAM
This supplier has turned the complex 3D machining of custom orthopedic implants into a single "standard" process through the use of knowledge-based machining technology.