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Product Categories of Carmex Precision Tools, LLC.

  • Grooving Tools
  • Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
  • Milling Cutters
  • Thread Milling Cutters

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Carbide Inserts Increase Tool Life in Ultra-Hard Metals
Carmex will exhibit its CMT series of vertical milling inserts. The inserts feature a multi-flute design with four to eight cutting edges and a spiral flute for low-cutting forces.

End Mill Design Offers Heat Resistance
Carmexʼs CMT line of end mills is designed to lengthen tool life, increase material removal, improve surface finish, reduce cycle times and lower cutting forces in materials as hard as 62 HRc.

Square Shank Holders Increase Tool-Location Accuracy
Carmex’s square shank holders provide through-coolant capability and are designed for use with the company’s 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-mm diameter Tiny Tools.

Internal Threading Tool for Small Acme Threads
A new line of Acme internal threading tools from Carmex features the company’s BLU sub-micron grade carbide with PVD triple coating.

Thread Milling Information Offered
Carmex Precision’s 2013 catalog is designed to be an introduction to thread cutting as well as a product selection tool.

Thread Mills Designed for Hardened Materials
Carmex offers two lines of multi-functional thread mills specifically designed to machine hardened materials ranging to 62 HRc.

A Preview of Houstex 2013
This slideshow provides a sneak peek at some of the technologies that will be on display at Houstex 2013.

Polygon Shanks Ensure Better Gripping
Carmex Precision Tools’ Quick Change series of toolholders feature polygon shanks for better gripping.

Thread Whirling Units for Swiss-Type Machines
Carmex whirling inserts and holders use simultaneous rotational and longitudinal movements in high-production applications.

Inserts for Vertical Thread Milling
Carmex has expanded its CMT line of toolholders and inserts for vertical thread milling with two new inserts: the C10 and the C25.

Multipurpose Tool Offers Three Operations in One
At IMTS 2012, Carmex Precision Tools will display products ranging from “tiny tools” to large-sized interior and exterior thread mills.

Carmex's BLU Grade Thread-Turning Inserts Improve Cutting Performance
Carmex Precision Tool’s BLU grade thread-turning inserts deliver improved strength, tool life, thread accuracy and surface finish, even in difficult materials.

Tools Can Drill, Thread, Chamfer All at Once
Carmex Precision Tools’ DMT line of thread milling tools enables customers to drill, thread and chamfer in a single operation.