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Quality Workholding Solutions from Carr Lane Roemheld

Roemheld Power Workholding
Roemheld Power Workholding

Carr Lane Roemheld delivers the finest in international power workholding products for more effective manufacturing. Especially useful for high volume or repetitive manufacturing, Roemheld components automatically clamp and locate workpieces faster and more consistently than manual fixturing. They are compact, reliable, and more accurate than competing products. In addition to high-quality products, Carr Lane Roemheld is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible delivery, technical information and personal support. The combination makes Roemheld a leader in power workholding and your best source for productivity-enhancing technology. Roemheld offers a wide variety of clamps, work supports, vises and power units. Let our technical support staff, at 1-800-827-2526, design a system for your needs and help you achieve maximum manufacturing efficiency.

Swing Clamps with Position Monitoring
Swing Clamps with Position Monitoring

Swing Clamps with Position Monitoring

New position monitoring from Carr Lane Roemheld affords more swing control. These hydraulic swing clamps have a switch rod for position control. The helix rod protrudes through the cover and allows a pneumatic or electrical control of the piston position outside the chip area. The clamp has a reinforced swing mechanism, which endures a collision of the clamping arm with the workpiece during clamping up to 1500 psi. These new clamps are double acting, with a maximum operating pressure of 7500 psi, and are available in three styles - top flange, cartridge style, and flanged base.

CNC Machining Center Vises
CNC Machining Center Vises

CNC Machine Vises

Precision CNC machining center vises perfect for your application, which allow for high productivity and quick changeovers. See the many variations, including single, double and concentric vises, along with  tower (tombstone) vises. Choose from hydro-mechanical, full hydraulic, or mechanical vises with power amplifier, See the many varieties, and download a brochure from our machine vises section at

Company Profile

Since 1982, Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co. is a joint venture that unites top German workholding manufacturer Roemheld GmbH, with Carr Lane Mfg. Co., America's premier tooling supplier. The company provides more than 80 different types of hydraulic and pneumatic power workholders. Compact, yet able to operate comfortably at extremely high pressures, products include flexible clamping systems, swing clamps, work supports, coupling systems, collet vises and more. In addition, fully hydraulic and hydra-mechanical CNC machining center vises provide the strong, consistent clamping force required for high-speed machining, and significantly reduce operator fatigue. These robust and durable machine vises offer excellent vibration damping and dimensional stability, as well as leakfree operation with internal hydraulics that deliver clamping forces up to 22,500 lbs. These space-saving clamps are available in multiple configurations and sizes suitable for short or long production runs.

Product Categories of Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.

  • Clamps & Fixturing Devices
  • Fixturing Systems
  • Vises & Vise Jaws
  • Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

  • Hilma
  • Stark

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CNC Machining Center Vises

See the many different varieities of single, double, concentric and tower vises, in hydramechanical or fully hydraulic options.

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Online Catalog

Visit the online catalog of power workholders and machine vises.

Product Announcements Provided By Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.

Hinge Clamps Are Ideal in Narrow Recesses

Swing Clamps offer Special Pricing

Increase Productivity With Stark Zero Point Mounting System

Clamp in Tight Spaces with New Compact Clamps

Top Flange Work Supports Automatically Adjust to Workpiece Height

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Modular Workhandling Units Promote Productivity
Carr Lane Roemheld offers a variety of modular units that can be combined to enable safe, efficient handling and movement of heavy loads in assembly operations.

Power Workholding Catalog Available
Carr Lane Roemheld offers a 192-page catalog on its power workholding solutions, including hydraulic clamps and cylinders, work supports, precision vises, zero point mounting, power units, valves, and assembly and handling devices.

Machine Vises Offered
Carr Lane Roemheld offers a brochure on its machine vises for a range of applications.

Hydromechanical Vises Offer Built-in Hydraulics
Hilma's NC series standard hydromechanical vises feature built-in hydraulics.

Carr Lane Roemheld Appoints New President
Jason Betz has been appointed president of Carr Lane Roemheld (Ellisville, Missouri), a supplier of the Swiftsure and Hilma brands hydraulic clamping and quick-change tool systems.

Stark Zero-Point Mounting System
Carr Lane Roemheld offers the Stark zero-point mounting system.

Zero-Point Mounting System Increases Productivity
The Stark zero-point mounting system from Carr Lane Roemheld is said to reduce fixturing setup time.

Variety of Power Workholding Products
This 174-page catalog from Carr Lane Roemheld features hydraulic and pneumatic workholding, including clamps, work sup­ports, vises, cylinders, hy­drau­lic lifting devices, valves, power units, fittings and more.

Magnetic Workholding for Machining Centers
Carr Lane Roemheld’s M-TECHS SP50 and SP70 versatile clamping system for machining centers features 1- to 2-sec. clamping in a single operation.

Swing Clamps
With a maximum operating pressure of 5,000 psi, these compact swing clamps are double acting, with a swing mechanism designed for fast clamping cycles.

Power Workholding Products
This 174-page catalog features state-of-the-art power workholding products, including clamps, work supports, vises, cylinders, hydraulic lifting devices, valves, power units, fittings and more. The fully illustrated catalog includes dimensions and specifications. .

Hanging Clamps For Narrow Recesses
Carr Lane Roemheld says it’s hinge clamps are ideal for clamping in narrow recesses. A special linkage moves the clamping arm forward as it pivots into the clamping position, allowing the clamp to exert vertical clamping force. The clamping arm fully retracts for clear loading from above.

Positioning Clamp Features Swing Mechanism

Pallet Changers Reduce CNC Setup Time

Clamps Offer Top-Flange Mounting

Mounting Kits Reduce Setups

Toggle Clamps Feature Built-In Safety Lock

Pressure-Reducing Valves Allow Flexibility In Pressures

Concentric Vises

Concentric Clamps Hold Down Setup Time
A problem for many shops is that workpiece blanks vary from one to another. This is especially true with molded part blanks such as castings and forgings. These variations require some flexibility from the workholding device.