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Breakthrough stainless steels and specialty metals

Carpenter Technology is a specialty metals market leader manufacturing quality wrought and powder metallurgy stainless steels, tool steels, and specialty metals, as well as titanium alloys. Specialty alloys include the highly machinable Project 70+® stainless steels and Custom 465® stainless, a premium quality high-strength, age-hardening stainless alloy that offers improved notch tensile strength, fracture toughness and fabricability. Titanium ULTRABAR(TM) is a new line of small-diameter titanium machining bar, imparting very tight dimensional tolerances and exceptional size consistency and straightness. Information about Carpenter's high performance alloys in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, medical, consumer products and industrial markets is available on Carpenter's website. The website features detailed information by product category and market and an expanded Tech Center that allows users to easily compare data and search on hundreds of Carpenter's specialty alloys. For more information, visit us online:

Product Categories of Carpenter Technology Corporation

  • Carbon, Alloy & Free Machining Steels
  • Machining Services
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Other Ferrous Metals
  • Other Non-Ferrous Materials
  • Powder Metals
  • Stainless Steels
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Tool Steels

Trade Names

  • 302HQ-FM stainless
  • ACUBE 100 alloy
  • AerMet alloys
  • BioDur alloys
  • Carpenter CTS blade alloys
  • Carpenter SCF 260 alloy
  • Chrome Core stainless
  • Custom 465 stainless
  • Micro-Melt P/M alloys
  • PremoMet alloy
  • Project 70+ PDB machining bar
  • Project 70+ stainless
  • Pyromet alloys
  • Temper Tough alloy
  • Titanium ULTRABAR

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As seen in MMS

Free Android App Estimates Metals Weight and Cost
Carpenter Technology Corp.'s MetalMass calculator is now available in an Android version that can be downloaded at no cost.

Alternative To Cobalt-Containing Alloys
 Carpenter Technology says its PremoMet alloy’s strength, toughness and fatigue resistance makes it a viable alternative to many cobalt-containing steel alloys.

The Advantages Of Bringing Finishing In-House
You’ve made sure the parts were machined to spec. Now take the steps to protect those parts in the condition your customers expect them.

Medical-Grade Barstock For Swiss-Type Machines

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy For Magnetic Components

Stainless Steel Combines Hardness, Cold Formability

Material Upgrade Reduces Machining Costs By 40 Percent
This manufacturer of solenoids, valves, linear variable differential transducers (LVDT) and flame arresters, was experiencing poor results when machining two different valve components, one from Type 431 stainless, and the other from Type 15Cr-5Ni stainless.

Wide Magnetic Alloy Strips

New Alloy Helps Shop Meet Target Price, Obtain More Work
The employees on the shop floor could hear the difference. When they cut regular stainless steel, they could hear the tools squeak and wear from the pressure. When they switched to a new alloy, the silence was noticeable.

How To Passivate Stainless Steel Parts
You've made sure the parts were machined to spec. Now make sure you've taken steps to protect those parts in the condition your customer expects them.

Tooling Alloy Started In Aerospace
Tooling alloy was invented to meet the demanding specifications for landing gear components of U. S. Navy carrier-based jet aircraft. It was discovered that this material alloy had certain outstanding properties that recommended it as an effective upgrade for conventional tooling materials.