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Certified Comparator Products VidiProbe

Hybrid Comparator with Video Measurement System
Certified Comparator Products, a division of Quality Vision International, presents the VidiProbe, designed to transform a traditional comparator into an automated video measurement system by configuring a digital video camera inside the comparator’s optical system.

CCP video contour projector

Video Contour Projector Measures Large, Heavy Workpieces
The C-Vision video contour projector from Certified Comparator Products (CCP) combines the design of a profile projector with the accuracy of a video measurement system.

Product Categories of Certified Comparator Products (CCP)

Comparators, Optical & Other
Machining Flex Lines
Maintenance & Repair
Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
Vision Systems

Trade Names

Video Contour Projector