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Celebrating 60 Years Since 1955...

Sump Shark SP50-175PT<BR>
propane sump cleaner
Sump Shark SP50-175PT
propane sump cleaner

CECOR Sump Sharks Attack Sump Sludge

CECOR Sump Shark sump cleaners are high-suction sludge vacs that remove collected industrial fluids and solid waste (metal chips, sludge, swarf, etc.)  from resevoirs (sumps, pits, etc.) during various commercial, industrial and metalworking processes quickly and easily. No more grueling shoveling and time-consuming, manual cleaning of dirty sumps. Reduce the mess and clean tanks much more quickly, thoroughly and safely. Less machine downtime. Less labor costs. Less risk.

CECOR's patented filter system separates the solids from fluids. In many applications, the recycled industrial fluids can be pumped back into the sump for re-use or transported to a central processing system. CECOR also offers an innovative discharge filter for additional second-stage filtering of industrial fluids. Better filtering means less fluid used; therefore less purchase and disposal costs (and more “green”).

Sump Shark SA5-60PL<BR>
air-operated sump cleaner
Sump Shark SA5-60PL
air-operated sump cleaner

Choose from Variety of Sump Shark Models

CECOR offers a wide range of Sump Shark models, tank capacities, power sources (air, electric and propane), transport systems and filtering options to fit any need, ranging from small machine shops to large international operations. CECOR also provides a full line of parts and accessories to support its products like various suction nozzles to more thoroughly clean different sump surfaces, nooks and crannies. In addition to its Sump Shark line, CECOR also offers drum-top units and coolant dispensers. Applications that benefit from use of Sump Sharks include, but are not limited to: general machining, screw machines, grinding, honing, water jet cutting and plasma cutting.



CECOR Industrial<BR>
Carts & Containers
CECOR Industrial
Carts & Containers

CECOR Carts Maximize Capacity, Minimize Footprint

CECOR carts are designed smarter to make better use of the cube so they take up less floor space. Their carts can hold the same cubic yard of materials as other carts in the industry, but their carts are more efficiently designed to fit better, tighter and more easily under and around machine tools and other plant equipment. They can be paired with CECOR's innovative dumping frames for easy, safe elevated rotational dumping of heavy loads. CECOR carts maximize capacity while minimizing footprint.

CECOR carts are at home in tough environments. Built to withstand punishing service, they are made of heavy-gauge steel with fully-welded seams that don’t leak, melt, split, burn or bulge. Choose from combinations of profiles, capacities, load ratings, bin dimensions, lip heights, dumping methods and options.  

CECOR carts can be paired with CECOR's innovative dumping frame (sold separately) for safe, easy elevated rotational dumping of heavy loads.

Company Profile

Founded in 1955, CECOR designs and manufactures its trademark Sump Shark sump cleaners and industrial carts and containers. CECOR also offers a full line of parts and accessories to support its products.

Celebrating its 60th year, all CECOR products are proudly designed and built in the U.S. at its facility in Verona, Wisconsin. CECOR products have global relevance and customer reach. All CECOR products are durable, featuring quality workmanship at affordable prices with friendly, knowledgeable sales and technical support.

Product Categories of CECOR

  • Chip Conveyors
  • Coolant Reclamation Equipment

Trade Names

  • Sump Shark

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Watch the Speed & Power of a CECOR Sump Shark

CECOR Sump Sharks are high-suction sludge vacs that remove collected industrial fluids (aka metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, coolant, etc.) and solid waste (metal chips, sludge, swarf, etc.) quickly and easily.

Our patented filter system separates the solids from the fluids so the filtered fluids can then be pumped back into the sump for re-use or transported to a central processing system.

Ditch the grueling, time-consuming and messy pail-and-shovel process of cleaning sumps. Stop spending money replacing burnt-out, inadequate wet-dry vacs. Put an end to homemade contraptions that are limited in what they can do. Reduce the mess and clean tanks much more quickly, thoroughly and safely with our Sharks.

Experience the Strength of a CECOR Sump Shark

Watch our Sump Shark's high-vaccum lift easily crush a steel drum. While our fleet of Sump Shark sump cleaners have a range of suction lift and pumping rates depending on size and configuration, this particular Shark being featured has a suction lift of 26" Hg and pumping rate up to 70 gallons per minute.

If the power of our vacuum can do this so easily to steel, imagine what our sump cleaners can do to clean dirty sumps quickly and thoroughly.

CECOR Sump Sharks Are Fast & Easy to Use

See a CECOR Sump Shark in action -- set up is easy, cleaning is fast and filtering is effective. Watch as it quickly sucks coolant, chips and the thickest of sludge from a machine tool sump. 


Extra-Low Profile Cart Eliminates Bending and Dragging

Cart stands less than three inches off floor.

The L44 Low Profile Cart is designed to eliminate bending and moving heavy plastic totes or makeshift bins across the shop floor. Bending and dragging dense loads of metal chips or parts is difficult and can cause back injury. Mounted on 4-inch phenolic casters, the L44 cart bottom is only 2-3/8" inches from the floor. Cart rolls smoothly and can be easily maneuvered by one person.

The L44 Cart has a capacity of 6.9 cu. ft., but with an overall height of only 15-1/2 inches cart fits snugly next to machine tools, under discharge, conveyor belts and tables. Push handle is removable to allow placement in tight spaces. The L44 can be dumped from a fork lift using the optional DF-1044 dumping frame.

Product Announcements Provided By CECOR

CECOR Introduces Filter for Water Jet Maintenance

CECOR Unveils an Innovative Discharge Filter

Truck-Mounted Sharks Increase Productivity

CECOR's Unique Dumping Frames Offer Advantage

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Sump Cleaner for Increased Filtering
Cecor’s model SE15-60PL Sump Shark is a single-phase, electric, 60-gallon sump cleaner that can suction-lift 13" of mercury or 177" of water at a rate of 60 gallons per minute.

Combination Sump Cleaner and Dispenser
Cecor’s CE-30 Extra-Power twin-tank sump cleaner and dispenser features two 60-gallon tanks on a single chassis, one for cleaning and one for dispensing.

RuMo Group Acquires Cecor
The cleaning and material-handling equipment supplier will continue to operate under the Cecor brand.

Low-Profile Cart Fits in Tight Spaces

Coolant Sump Cleaner and Dispenser Saves Energy
Cecor’s model CP50-200/200CB5 coolant sump cleaner and dispenser is designed to filter solids from coolant in larger metal machining operations so coolant can be recycled.

Sump Cleaner Runs on Propane
Cecor’s SP50-500CB5 coolant sump cleaner features a 500-gallon tank mounted on a battery-operated truck to ease mobility as it moves large fluid loads through the plant.

Rotator Carts Easy to Empty
Cecor’s Rotator Cart is equipped with built-in base pockets to engage the forks of a rotator attachment on a lift truck.

Drum Tank Enables Easy, Safe Waste Disposal
Cecor says its TX-55PL drum tank may be a more convenient and safer alternative than using shipping drums for waste collection.

Small Sump Cleaner For Limited Space
Cecor introduces the 60-gallon Sump Shark sump cleaner. It is designed for cleaning machine tool sumps in shops with limited space. The cleaner’s vertical design allows it to fit in tight areas, through crowded aisles and around corners.

Battery-Powered Sumpcleaner