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SP50 - 175PT Propane Powered Sump Cleaner

Building Sump Cleaners to maintain the tools of industry for over 50 years.

Coolant Sump Cleaner Cecor Inc. offers the broadest line of coolant sump cleaners available, ranging from drum-top units to large truck-mounted machines. Sump Cleaner unit cleans sumps in minutes, filters solids from coolant. Pump cleaned coolant back to machine or transport for batch processing. CECOR Dumping Containers CECOR also offers mobile in-plant Dumping Containers in several sizes, styles and capacities to handle a multitude of items.

Product Categories of Cecor, Inc.

  • Chip Conveyors & Handling Equipment
  • Coolant Reclamation Equipment

Trade Names

  • Bins
  • Containers
  • Steel Containers
  • Sumpcleaners
  • Sumpsuckers


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CA5 Combination Sump Cleaner and Coolant Dispenser

SA5 Air Operated Sump Cleaner

Propane Powered Combo Unit on Electric Truck

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Combination Sump Cleaner and Dispenser
Cecor’s CE-30 Extra-Power twin-tank sump cleaner and dispenser features two 60-gallon tanks on a single chassis, one for cleaning and one for dispensing.

RuMo Group Acquires Cecor
The cleaning and material-handling equipment supplier will continue to operate under the Cecor brand.

Low-Profile Cart Fits in Tight Spaces

Coolant Sump Cleaner and Dispenser Saves Energy
Cecor’s model CP50-200/200CB5 coolant sump cleaner and dispenser is designed to filter solids from coolant in larger metal machining operations so coolant can be recycled.

Sump Cleaner Runs on Propane
Cecor’s SP50-500CB5 coolant sump cleaner features a 500-gallon tank mounted on a battery-operated truck to ease mobility as it moves large fluid loads through the plant.

Rotator Carts Easy to Empty
Cecor’s Rotator Cart is equipped with built-in base pockets to engage the forks of a rotator attachment on a lift truck.

Drum Tank Enables Easy, Safe Waste Disposal
Cecor says its TX-55PL drum tank may be a more convenient and safer alternative than using shipping drums for waste collection.

Small Sump Cleaner For Limited Space
Cecor introduces the 60-gallon Sump Shark sump cleaner. It is designed for cleaning machine tool sumps in shops with limited space. The cleaner’s vertical design allows it to fit in tight areas, through crowded aisles and around corners.

Battery-Powered Sumpcleaner