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Order from CJWinter® and enjoy the fastest delivery time from the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for CNC and multi-spindle machines.

Whether you're ordering from our extensive in-stock inventory, or requesting custom-made materials, the thread rolls you get from CJWinter arrive quickly, perform at your exact specs, and last a long, long time.


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CJWinter® is the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for CNC, multi-spindle, Swiss, and Hydromat® applications. When you need durability, flexibility, and reliability ... we cover the full spectrum of your thread rolling needs. As a leading manufacturer of precision thread rolls since 1956, we have extensive experience in the screw machine and turning industries and provide a wide variety of thread rolls as well as innovative solutions for thread rolling applications.

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Air Powered Pinch Style Thread Rolling Attachments – Why our attachments are your best choice

CJWinter’s Air Powered Pinch Style Thread Rolling Attachments are in a class of their own! They combine simplicity of design and sturdy construction with high precision, easy set up and economical operation. If you need fast adjustment, reliability and versatility then you have picked a winner from our smallest to largest capacity attachments.

Fast, Easy Set Up includes installation guide, manual and phone tech support. Scheduled on-site installation assistance available.
Patented Roll Compensator simplifies roll timing, ensures perfect roll synchronization, eliminates flaking.

One Cam for Entire Size Range Save money and time for each cam you do not have to stock.
Chip Purge Line eliminates chip accumulation in roll arms and compensator gears.

Repeatability is built into each attachment with a positive stop. This feature ensures that the set thread size will be reproduced time after time without variation.

Penetration (Roll Feed) Rate Quickly Adjusted is easily changed through the flow control valve. This allows rolling of the material as fast as it will flow, maximizing roll life.

Pitch Diameter Quickly Adjusted by turning an easily accessible adjusting knob. Minimizes machine down time for adjustment. Allows you to make within .0002 inches without stopping.

Equalized Rolling Pressure eliminates side pressure on parts and machine spindles. The pinch system allows threads to be rolled at a greater distance from the collet and ensures outstanding thread concentricity. The equalized rolling pressure automatically supports the part.

If your application is straight threads, taper pipe threads, knurling or the need to thread roll close to a shoulder then allow CJWinter to match your application with an Air Powered Pinch Style Thread Rolling Attachment today.

CJWinter Offers Quick Change Tooling Products for Davenport HP and Model B Machines

CJWinter manufactures the premier line of thread rolls for 2 Die and 3 Die Cylindrical Rolling Machines.

If your thread rolling operation includes the use of either A22, A25, A33, A34 Reed thread rolling machines CJWinter thread rolls should be your product of choice. CJWinter offers American Standard straight and taper pipe thread sizes for overhung, double support, in feed or through feed style dies. In fact, we can meet your exact thread roll specifications faster than our competition.

With the ever changing world market customers are being asked to thread roll harder materials like titanium, stainless and B7. Thread rolling these types of materials usually means less die life and added costs. CJWinter has more than a half century of leading edge technology, service and quality to offer to our partners. With our new coatings and proprietary materials we can extend your die life while lowering your costs resulting in increased profits.

In the process of observing Reed machine users we have found that with minor design changes of the thread roll and the use of different materials have added to our customer’s critical success. If you are manufacturing pipe fittings, tube fittings, valves, oil & gas, power generation, aerospace or automotive threads and want to enhance your productivity you owe to your customers to contact us for a no obligation review of your application. CJWinter also offers cylindrical dies not just for Reed but most machine manufacturers like Tesker, Kinefac, Landis and Seny.

Thread Rolling for the Oil and Gas Industry

In support of our unwavering commitment to be the supplier of choice CJWinter offers a comprehensive line of thread roll products for the Oil & Gas Industry that conform to the API Specification.  If you manufacture Sucker Rods, Pony Rods, Sinker Bars or Couplings, in either AISI Grade or API Grade Alloy's, CJWinter is the Best Choice for your thread rolling needs. Sizes available in 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1" & 1 1/8" body diameter's. Premature thread wear can cause catastrophic failures that could cost companies thousands of dollars. Every effort should be taken to extend the life of your connections. If the friction load develops between the pin shoulder face and the coupling shoulder face, and the preload begins to loosen, the shouldered connection will fail. If the stress fatigue cracks begin along the thread root and consolidate into major cracks, the pin connection will fail. CJWinter will evaluate your application requirements and recommend the best thread rolling dies providing you thousands of additional pumping cycles.

If your product line is Rotary Shoulder Connections, Sucker Rods, Threaded Bolts or API Connections for Onshore or Offshore applications, CJWinter’s thread rolls and burnishing rolls will meet your production requirements. CJWinter is well positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of the oil and gas industry. Turn to CJWinter for attentive service and the newest technology designed to maximize the value and life of your oil and gas assets.  We know your goal is to supply your customers with the highest quality products that will produce in the most harsh and challenging environments.

For our customers thread rolling Sucker Rods, Pony Rods, and Bolts, burnishing the root of your API Pin and Box connections results in advantages such as greater efficiency and increased fatigue life, by minimizing crack initiation, improving strength and smoother operation. This process significantly increases the load or pumping cycles a connection can endure, without fracturing.

CJWinter’s thread rolls and burnishing rolls can be used on CNC, manual and automatic machinery.

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Large-Diameter Dies
While many foreign competitors were pulling back during the recent recession, this company expanded their capabilities and capacity in the large-diameter die market.

Updated Thread Rolling Website
CJWinter’s web site has been modernized with an updated theme and look.

Military Supplier Delivers On Spec And On Time With New End Rolling Attachment
Cam-Tech Industries, Inc. recently started using the Model 190 end rolling attachment by C.J. Winter Machine Technologies, Inc. for its thread rolling applications. The new attachment allows the company the reliability and flexibility it needs to meet and exceed its customers' rigorous expectations.