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Accessorizing Profits with machine tools accessories from CNC Indexing and Feeding Technologies




Std Rotary Table
DR-252 Std Rotary Table

4th Axis Flexibility (Tile Table / Standard Rotary Table / Horizontal Rotary Table / Large Table / Manual Horizontal Index Table)

Ganro has an extensive line of CNC and Manual rotary and index tables of all sizes to fit any CNC in your shop.  With 60 models and variations to choose from, Ganro can convert your machining center into a 4 or 5 axis machine saving your shop a lot of money. 


Why Add Additional Axes:

  1. Machine multiple faces of a workpiece in one setup
  2. Reduce overall part cycle time
  3. Increase part accuracy
  4. Become a more flexible shop

Our face plate sizes range from:


HPD1000 Coolant System
HPD1000 Coolant System

High Pressure Coolant System (HP-300PSI / HP-1000PSI / Custom)

CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies introduces our own 1,000 PSI HPC system that is designed to deliver high pressure coolant to the cutting area, removing chips and allowing for faster feed rates and spindle speeds. The end result is higher part quality, longer tool life, and fast ROI. All units are made in the U.S.A. and are equipped with (2) large doors for easy pressure adjustment and filter changes, heavy-duty steel enclosures, durable powder-coat finish, (4) caster wheels, dirty filter signal with visual indication for each filter. 2 models of High Pressure Coolant Systems to choose here to see them all!

  1. HP300  ---- features 8 GPM Diaphragm Pump, adjustable pressure, liquid-filled pressure guage, an optional on-board transfer pump, 1 spin-on filter 10 micron.
  2. HPD1000  ---- features 8 GPM diaphragm pump, adjustable pressure, liquid filled pressure gauge, on-board transfer pump, dual 10 micron bag filters.


TECH-998 Short Bar Feeder and DG160-TSL Oil Skimmer
TECH-998 Short Bar Feeder and DG160-TSL Oil Skimmer

Bar Feeder ( 5' & 6' / up to ⌀ 4


Bar Feeders (Servo driven magazine style short bar feeders) 

  1. Large Diameter Range - Feed 0.35" to 4" diameter bar
  2. Compact Design - Saves valuable shop floor space
  3. User friendly - Automatic calculation of feed and force when bar diameter is entered
  4. Standard X Axis Sliding Rail System - Change lathe spindle liners quickly and easily
  5. All Electric Operation - no shop air required


  1.  Tech-998 Short Bar Feeder: a short bar feeder that boosts lathe output and saves floor space. This servo-driven bar feeder ensures smooth material feeding so that lathes can run at maximum spindle speeds and operating efficiency.Automatic cycle reload time is a speedy 22 seconds. The Tech-998 holds bar diameter from 0.35" to 4" and bar lengths from 9.8" to 63".
  2. Tech-998 XL Long Bar Feeder:  A long bar feeder that accommodates bar lengths up to 71" and diameters up to 4".  

Disk-type Oil Skimmer

  1. Slash coolant costs with disk-type Oil Skimmers
  2. Remove tramp oil to extend coolant life
  3. Eliminate foul odors by preventing growth of anaerobic bacteria
  4. Minimize dermatitis caused by skin contact with dirty coolant
  5. Prevent plugging of coolant nozzle and filters
  6. Easy installation with 1 year warranty



Company Profile

CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies is proud to represent the complete Ganro Industrial Corporation (Golden Sun) product line of rotary tables, indexers and accessories.  For over 30 years Ganro has been producing a wide variety of rotary table and indexer products to accommodate most manufacturing indexing and rotating requirements.  Ganro rotary tables can provide a solution for rotating and indexing small workpieces to large workpieces, for vertical and horizontal applications, for 4 axis and 5 axis work and for manual and automated applications.  Ganro products give manufacturers the capability of improving the manufacturing process by accessing multiple workpiece faces in one clamping.  This improves workpiece accuracy and reduces manufacturing cycle times.  If you are not sure what product best meets your production requirements please contact CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies to discuss your application.

Watch Ganro corporate video here

Product Categories of CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies

  • Bar Feed Mechanisms
  • CNC Attachments
  • Coolant Delivery Systems
  • Coolant Reclamation Equipment
  • Indexers & Rotary Tables
  • Pumps, Coolant
  • Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

  • Barload
  • CNC Indexing
  • Ganro
  • Golden Sun
  • GSI
  • MTA International
  • Welltech

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Order Your Oil Skimmer Today

Click here and order your disk oil skimmer directly on-line from CNC Indexing and Feeding Technologies.  It's simple and ships immediately the very same day!

Rotary Tables

Add 4th or 5th axis machining capabilities with single axis, multi-spindle or tilt/rotary tables.

HPC systems

Boost productivity, improve surface finishes, extend tool life with high pressure coolant systems.

Product Announcements Provided By CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies

Reliable Oil Skimmers Save Shops $$$$$

As seen in MMS

CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies Appoints President
Steven Smith, formerly of Heartland Machine & Engineering, will direct the company as it builds a new national distribution network.

CNC Indexing Acquires MTA International
The two companies have pooled resources to better serve customers.

Rotary Table Offers a Larger Table Top
The Ganro HR-3030 rotary table available from CNC Indexing offers a table-top dimension of 3,000 mm (118.11"), a table-swing diameter of 3,905 mm (153.75") and a maximum workload capacity of 50,000 kg (110,230 lbs).

Rotary Tables and Indexers Use Less Space
CNC Indexing offers the DR series of rotary tables and indexers from Ganro Industrial.

Rotary Table Line Features Range of Models
Tilt rotary tables are designed for four- and five-axis machining applications.

Manual Horizontal Index Table
Distributed by CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies, Ganro Industrial Corporation’s GCT series manual horizontal index table adds indexing capability to a horizontal boring mill.

Rotary Table Enables Fourth-Axis Productivity
CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies says its GSI CNC-201R rotary indexing table is designed for companies that want to add fourth-axis productivity at minimal cost. According to the company, the table provides high clamping torque and indexing accuracy.

Tilt/Rotary Table Delivers Five-Axis Machining
The GSI CNCT-321 tilt/rotary table is designed to add four- and five-axis productivity at a minimal cost. The table allows manufacturers to machine as many as five sides of a part while minimizing second and third operations and setups. The table also provides excellent clamping torque and indexing accuracy, the company says.

Tilt/Rotary Table For 5-Axis Machining
CNC Indexing Technologies says its GSI CNCT-321 tilt/rotary table is designed for adding fourth- and fifth-axis productivity at minimal cost. The table allows users to machine as many as to five sides of a part while minimizing second and third operations and setups. The table has a 12.

Rotary Indexing Table Uses Direct-Drive Motor To Eliminate Backlash
The GSI DNC-400 direct-drive rotary indexing table is suited for high-volume and aerospace manufacturers performing high speed, high-accuracy contouring operations. Compared to tables using a servomotor and worm gear, this direct-drive table offers higher accuracy, faster rotational speeds and higher torque, the co

Rotary Table Delivers Fourth-Axis Productivity