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The medical and dental industries are a perfect fit for small parts production on a Davenport. The tool die pin, used by dentists, stabilizes false teeth in dentures.


Approximately one third of all screw machine parts produced in the United States are used in the assembly of automobiles or other segments of the automotive industry. Here we show an assortment of Davenport-made parts including flow valves for shock absorbers, needle valves for carburetors, and tire valve inserts. A wide range of components for diesel engines and spark plugs can also be produced on the Davenport.


Davenport is a proven machine in the defense industry. It is used to machine bullet cores, striker and firing pins, and arsenal caps for our nation’s security. An example shown of a time relay body is fabricated on the Davenport with the use of a special attachment designed specifically for this application.

Company Profile

Davenport Machine Tool Company was founded in 1894 by Mr. William Simeon Davenport in New Bedford, Mass. Initially producing clock pinion turning machines, the company progressed into the manufacture of intricate multiple spindle automatic bar machines. Mr. Davenport filed Davenport Machine as a corporation in 1919. As the business grew, the company began searching for a more central geographic location between the strong Midwestern and New England markets of the time. Later that year, the company established its new headquarters at its present location in Rochester, New York.

From the beginning, Davenport invention revolutionized screw machine technology. The remarkable 5-spindle Model B became a legend. The respected Davenport name embraces an ever-growing spectrum of finely engineered products and Brinkman International is committed to the industry. Davenport innovation will continue to make history for another 100 years.

Product Categories of Davenport Machine

  • Cams for Multi-Spindle Machines
  • Cam-Type Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Cam-Type Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - Used Equipment
  • CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
  • Consulting Services
  • Cut-off Attachments
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Pick-off Attachments
  • Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Shaving Attachments
  • Shaving Tools
  • Slotting Attachments
  • Spindles
  • Trade Associations, Societies, Governmental Agencies
  • Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet

Trade Names

  • Davenport
  • Davenport HP
  • Model B

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Davenport Machine’s New Expanded Customer Care Service Hours

To service their clients and prospects Davenport Machine has expanded their Customer Care Service hours to 8am - 8pm (EST) Monday through Friday. This allows them to better serve their West Coast customers while giving them additional time to process late orders and expedite deliveries. In addition the added hours give some of their International customers access to information at the beginning of their new business day. Not only does Davenport have 90% in-stock availability for parts, but also offers NEXT DAY DELIVERY for their clients.

Davenport OEM Replacement Parts: Unsurpassed in Quality and Reliability

When parts break down, machines don't run, and idle machines mean lost profit.  As the OEM, Davenport Machine manufactures replacement parts with the highest quality materials that are engineered to the tightest tolerances, allowing parts to fit better, run smoother, and last longer.  This means less down time for the customer, and more run time to produce good parts.  Innovations such as the 2 Station Servo Driven Back Working Attachment, which eliminates costly secondary operations, and the HP (High Precision) Head, that reduces costly spindle replacement,  are a few of the ways Davenport's continued improvement programs are working to improve your efficiency.

Davenport Sees Rebound from Recession

The recent recession may not be completely over but the economy is definitely picking up.  The stock market is recovering, consumer confidence is rising and automobiles are starting to leave the factories again.  At Davenport we see many customers who were down thirty, forty and fifty percent in 2009 from 2008 sales levels coming to life in 2010.  Across most segments of our business incoming orders are escalating, machines are coming back to life and workers are being added to satisfy the larger demand.  Many manufacturing companies are struggling to ramp-up production and Davenport can help.

Davenport replacement parts, tooling, attachments, re-built Davenport Machines and new Davenport Machines are all available immediately.  CJ Winter also has a wide variety of tooling and thread rolls available for next day delivery to help you meet your customer’s demands.  Along with purchasing our in-stock items please utilize our excellent engineering staff to help solve machining issues and quickly take your production from quoting to delivering quality parts to your customers.

The recession hit us like it hit everyone else, and we used the time to become leaner, more efficient and to replenish our shelves.  If you need to get moving quickly to satisfy the increasing demand Davenport Machine is here to help.  Thank you for your continued support.

Davenport Machine Rolls Out BIG Changes for the Davenport HP Machine

The Davenport HP machine, making its first appearance in 2000 as the Davenport Servo B, is rolling out its 4th major product enhancement to meet the evolving demands in high-speed machining. In this latest upgrade, Davenport Machine focused on the Davenport HP machine’s usability and maintenance.

User Enhancements
For easier interaction, the Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) has been mounted on a waist-high pendant system that allows the operator to use the interface at the front, end or back of the machine. The newly upgraded sound enclosure has more windows to increase visibility of the machine while it is running. All lube and air gauges are now located outside of the machine enclosure to increase visibility when monitoring these systems. The controls for the machine have been mounted to the side allowing for the ability to be moved as one unit, thus reducing the amount of time required to power up the machine once its been moved.

Maintenance and Safety Enhancements
When it comes to machine maintenance and safety, the Davenport HP has never been more efficient.  All controls and pumps have been moved off the floor. The coolant pump, mounted to the machine pan, is tucked under the stock reel cover to enable storage of stock. The lube pumps are now located at a more serviceable height for easier filling and maintenance. A drip pan has been added below the pumps to catch any spills while filling the tanks.

Emergency stops are now located at multiple locations around the machine to assist the operators, maintenance, and set up personnel in removing output power (both electrical and pneumatic) while working on the machine. The pneumatics package has been updated to include improved filtering and control through individually adjustable regulated valves. Improved coolant filtering reduces the cleaning frequency of the filter screens.

Davenport Machine manufactures the Davenport HP and Model B multi-spindle screw machines, custom application attachments for Davenport Machines, and provides training and technical services to customers for increased productivity. For more information about Davenport visit or call 1.800.344.5748.

Davenport Machine offers a NEW DVD featuring Davenport Model B Operator Training

The 2-disc DVD set covers in detail the following Davenport operations: Identification of major machine components, the work spindles, the chuck and feed mechanism, stocking the screw machine, cross working tools, size and shave tool holders, stationary head and end-working tools, and preventative maintenance.

Additional operator manuals are included with the purchase of the DVD. The manual follows the DVD chapter by chapter and provides an operator test at the end of each chapter. This provides an opportunity for Davenport operator training right at the desktop, if formal training is not possible.

Product Announcements Provided By Davenport Machine

New HPO Attachment

As seen in MMS

Noise Reduction Kit for Spindle and Drive Gears
Davenport’s noise reduction kit aims to lower the decibel of a Davenport Machine by as much as 10 percent, the company says.

High Precision Head as a Replacement Part
The company’s high precision (HP) head is now available for purchase as a replacement part.

Multi-Spindle Features Improved Usability, Maintenance
To meet the evolving demands of high speed machining, Davenport Machine’s enhanced Davenport HP focuses on usability and maintenance. For easier interaction, the Man Machine Interface (MMI) is mounted on a waist-high pendant system that allows the operator to use the interface at the front, end or back of the machine. The sound enclosure has more windows, which increase visibility while the machine is running.

The Case For Quick Change On Multi-Spindles
Even in the world of long-running, high-volume production on cam-driven automatics, quick-change tooling makes sense.

Can This New CNC Multispindle Work For Your Shop?
A century-old builder believes their new CNC machine extends multispindle processing technology to include any production turning shop.