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Company Profile

No matter what market or what machines you use, Delcam has proven technology to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of products to market. - Delcam Complete CADCAM Solutions North America - World leading specialist NC CAM software for the manufacture of complex shapes - Feature-based & Knowledge-based technologies to minimize programming of mills, lathes, mill-turn and wire EDM. - Production Swiss machining and multi axis turning for precision parts with minimal setup and cycle times. - Hybrid modeling for quick and easy manipulation of CAD models for manufacturing. - Fast and easy software program that works with different inspection devices to compare parts against CAD formats. - Artistic CADCAM software for the design and machining for decorative products. - Powerful, easy-to-use, stand alone secure translation of CAD data from many popular formats. - Web based software program for task management.

As the only international CADCAM company that operates an in-house engineering workshop, coupled with a close relationship with customers and suppliers, you can rest assured that each software release produced by Delcam will tackle your hardest manufacturing challenges. Furthermore, since Delcam software is all based on Delcam's own kernel (not third party plug ins) unique, optimized mathematical methods for ease of use, control and flexibility are incorporated throughout the product development cycle.

Product Categories of Delcam Complete CADCAM Solutions

  • Additive Prototyping Equipment
  • Communications Networks, & Data Transmission Equipment
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
  • Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, CAD/CAM for Additive Manufacturing
  • Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
  • Software, NC Program Optimization
  • Software, NC Verification
  • Software, Nesting
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Software, Post Processors, Stand-Alone (Sold Independent of CAM System)
  • Software, Tool Design
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software

Trade Names

  • ArtCAM
  • CopyCAD
  • Delcam Draft
  • Delcam Electrode
  • Delcam Exchange
  • Delcam FeatureCAM
  • Delcam for SolidWorks
  • Delcam PartMAKER
  • Delcam PowerINSPECT
  • Delcam PowerMILL
  • Delcam PowerSHAPE
  • Delcam Render
  • Delcam ToolMaker
  • Delcam-Crispin
  • FeatureMILL
  • FeatureTURN
  • FeatureTURN/MILL
  • FeatureWIRE
  • NC Checker
  • NC PartLocator

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Product Announcements Provided By Delcam Complete CADCAM Solutions

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CAM Update Can Mirror Complete Machining Projects
Delcam, an Autodesk company, will demonstrate the 2016 version of its PowerMill programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining.

Don’t Sweat the Setup: Probing the Position of Complex Workpieces
This manufacturer uses a software tool to tailor the machining program to the location and orientation of each contoured part.

Video: Accelerated Blisk Milling
CAM and cutting tool companies develop a process for machining a titanium bladed disk in less than half the conventionally expected cycle time.

CAD Software Eases Copying of Features Between Multiple Solids
Delcam has added a series of enhancements to its PowerShape Pro software for modeling and reverse engineering to help users to complete complex designs more quickly and easily.

Delcam and Makino to Host Five-Axis Milling Seminar
The seminar targets subcontract businesses and will be held October 7 at Makino’s Mid-Atlantic distributor, Automation Solutions.

Simulation Software Enables Toolpath Mirroring
Delcam will demonstrate the 2016 version of its PowerMill programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining, featuring the ability to mirror complete machining projects in one operation and to automatically maintain machining choices, such as whether to use climb or conventional milling.

Robot CAM Software Avoids Wrist Singularities
Delcam will demonstrate its PowerMill Robot software, an integrated application of PowerMill, as part of a RSI Cobra robotic cell.

Adaptive Machining Makes a Robot More Productive
This system for machining and polishing turbine blades shows the value of software for inspection, toolpath calculations and adaptive machining working together.

Delcam Offers CAD/CAM Software Freely to Training Centers
The initiative applies to all nonprofit institutions that have qualified as Delcam Training Centers in the United States and Canada.

CAM for Moldmaking Simplifies Rib Programming
Delcam’s PowerMill programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining offers new developments for moldmaking, including improvements to the Vortex high-efficiency area-clearance strategy, enhanced collision checking, toolpath simulation and verification, and a new module for machining ribs into tooling.

Comprehensive Toolpath Verification Saves Time in CAM Operations
The latest release of PowerMill CAM software from Delcam includes improvements to the Vortex high-efficiency area clearance strategy, developments in toolpath simulation and verification, improved collision checking to cover near misses, and more efficient raster finishing, area clearance and drilling.

CAM System Features Rib-Machining Module
Delcam has added a rib-machining module to its PowerMill CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining.

CAM Software Improves Toolpath Simulation
The 2015 R2 version of Delcam’s PowerMill programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining enables a project to be completely verified for machine tool issues such as collisions without requiring verification of each individual toolpath.

Delcam Joins ALM Partnership
The company is providing software for research focused on additive layer manufacturing.

Delcam Forms Quebec Office
The new branch will serve the company’s French-speaking customer base.

CAD Software Streamlines Modeling Tasks
The 2015 release of Delcam’s PowerShape Pro CAD system includes improvements in direct modeling, surface modeling and reverse engineering, plus support for data from Creaform HandyScan handheld scanners.

CAD Software Features Flexible Surface Modeling
Delcam offers its PowerShape Pro CAD for CAM system for modeling applications in manufacturing and reverse engineering.

Updated CAM Software Promotes Extended Tool Life
Delcam will exhibit the 2015 version of its PowerMill CAM software for high-speed and five-axis machining, featuring updates to the Vortex area clearance strategy, as well as improved collision checking and raster finishing.

Inspection Software Simplifies Repetitive Measurement
Delcam's PowerInspect 2014 inspection software features updates designed to speed up and simplify repetitive measurements.

Delcam GmbH Opens Office in Southern Germany
The CAD/CAM software developer will offer training as well as service and support at its new location.