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ESPRIT provides an integrated programming environment specifically designed for multitasking, multi-function CNC machine tools.

ESPRIT – Machine with Confidence

ESPRIT's high-performance capabilities include machining any part geometry (solid, surface or wireframe), universal post processing to format G-code for virtually any machine tool, and solid simulation and verification with dry runs rendered in dynamic solids for optimal part quality and consistency. ESPRIT is 100% pure Windows®, and provides a comfortable and familiar user interface for maximum productivity. ESPRIT provides: · 2-5 axis milling · 2-22 axis turning · 2-5 axis wire EDM · Multitaksing mill-turn machining and B-axis machine tools One CAM System Does It All - ESPRIT. The Most Powerful CAM Software Ever! Get more information about the benefits of CNC programming with ESPRIT on the web at

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  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, NC Program Optimization
  • Software, NC Verification

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Multitasking Mill-Turn Comprehensive Multitasking Machining ESPRIT provides an integrated programming environment specifically designed for multitasking, multi-function CNC machine tools. ESPRIT supports any combination of independent, synchronized, and synchronous milling and turning utilizing any configuration of A, B, C, X, Y, and Z axes. ESPRIT’s five levels of functionality for 2–5 axis machining fully support your mill-turn needs, including milling with full, simultaneous 3-axis and 5-axis 3D multi-surface solid machining.

Machine Complex Free-Form Shapes With Ease Machine Complex Free-Form Shapes with Ease ESPRIT’s NURBS-based machining engine handles fabricating difficult free-form shapes with ease. Specifically designed to address the 3D challenges in the mold, die, and toolmaking markets, ESPRIT provides you with a powerful set of tools and machining cycles for free-form roughing, Z-level machining, finishing, and re-machining in 3-axis or 5-axis.

Full Programming For Traditional and Multi-Axis Turning Full Programming for Traditional and Multi-axis Turning Traditional turning centers are being rapidly supplemented by multi-axis machines with the ability to produce complex parts unattended. Whether you are looking for a CAM system to automate your traditional turning "from roughing and grooving to threading and finishing" for faster, more accurate results, or to maximize your multi-axis machine tool investment, ESPRIT is the right CAM choice.

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Cloud-Enabled CAM Eases Tool Management
DP Technology’s Esprit Cloud-enabled CAM software enables programmers to quickly select tools based on part features through the Esprit Machining Cloud Connection.

Discover More—And I Did
The time I spent at the Discover More with Mazak Midwest event in Schaumburg, Ill. was designed to help attendees discover new tools and techniques for staying ahead of the manufacturing curve. Here are four good ideas that caught my attention.

Shop Gains Efficiency through Machinery, Software Pairing
By pairing a multitasking machine with new Esprit CAM software from DP Technology, Von Ruden Manufacturing was able to increase its efficiency and compete with companies of a larger size.

CAM Improves Programming of Multitasking Machines
By investing in Esprit CAM software from DP Technology, French manufacturer Lathuille-Hudry was able to take full advantage of programming its multitasking machines to produce complex geometries.

High Speed Roughing Strategy Removes More Material
Esprit 2013, available from DP Technology, features the ProfitMilling strategy for two-, three-, four- and five-axis roughing cycles.

Mazak Certifies DP Technology
The Esprit creator will join Mazak’s VIP program.

Custom Macro Enables Automated CNC Program Generation
Rex Materials Group uses a custom macro from DP Technology to automate CNC programming.

Esprit to Host World Conference
The conference will take place in May.

Adapting to Aerospace Change
The changing demands of aerospace companies have prompted machine shops such as this one to evolve their processes and equipment to become more competitive.

VBA Macros Ease CAM Program Creation
Taking advantage of the open architecture of Esprit CAM software to write Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros simplifies CNC programming at this manufacturer of automotive presses.

Direct Interface for Machining Simulation
CGTech and DP Technology have developed the Esprit-to-Vericut interface.

Custom CAM Add-ins Automate Threading
The ability to create custom add-ins using the Esprit CAM system’s API and Microsoft’s Visual Basic has significantly reduced thread programming times at this manufacturer of oil and gas industry components.

CAM Software Enables Parking on Axes
DP Technology’s Esprit 2012 CAM software features enhanced turning, milling, turn-mill and wire EDM cycles.

CAM Shortcuts Simplify Lights-Out Burns
A CAM system with an intuitive user interface, adaptable postprocessors and time-saving shortcuts help this manufacturer maximize unattended EDM burn time.

Esprit Community to Gather in Miami
CAM software developer DP Technology will kick off the annual Esprit World Conference Monday, May 23 at the Trump International Beach resort in Miami, Florida.   The five-day event provides 30 hours of hands-on technical training, presentations from dynamic speakers and opportunities for networking with peers, industry experts and Esprit engineers, the company says.

CAM System Features Improved Graphic Displays
New to the Esprit 2011 CAM software package are a series of analysis tools—the Zebra, Porcupine, Heat Map and Toolpath Analysis commands—that provide graphic displays for the inspection of solid models and ease in programming.

Analysis Tools Enhance Software
The ESPRIT 2011 CAM software features system-wide enhancements and new analysis tools designed for milling, turning, wire EDM, multitasking, turn-mill, three-axis, five-axis and high speed machining applications.

CAM System Simplifies Swiss-Type Lathe Programming
To reduce setup times, this medical device manufacturer replaced its conventional CNC turning and milling machines with Swiss-type lathes. However, taking full advantage of these complex machines’ capabilities required another investment—Esprit CAM software from DP technology.

New CAM Software Makes the Most of Mill-Turn Machines
A webinar on Wednesday, July 28 explains how CAM developed specifically for mill-turn machines allows shops to get the most out of such multi-function equipment.

CAM Developer CEO Forecasts R&D Cash Crunch
Dan Frayssinet, CEO of Esprit CAM software developer DP Technology, predicts tough times ahead for CAM developers.