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  • Additive Prototyping Equipment
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Engineering Analysis & Simulation
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  • FeatureCAM
  • FeatureMILL
  • FeatureMILL2.5D
  • FeatureMILL3D
  • FeatureTURN
  • FeatureTURN/MILL
  • FeatureWIRE

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Houstex 2015 Preview Slideshow
Click through the slideshow to see a selection of technologies to be displayed at Houstex in advance of the February 24-26 trade show.

CAM Software Eases Programming of Part Families
Delcam’s 2015 version of its FeatureCAM software eases programming of part families by matching the names of features within the part library with user-created curves relating to those features, making the programming of subsequent parts in the family much easier and faster.

CAM Software Enhances Roughing Operations
Delcam’s 2014 R2 version of FeatureCAM features improvements for roughing operations.

Software Release Updates Turning, Milling Capabilities
Delcam will showcase the 2014 version of its FeatureCAM software with new options for turning, four-axis rotary machining, turn-mill operations, two-axis finishing and probing sequences.

CAM Software Adds Turning Options
The 2014 version of Delcam FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software includes new options for turning, four-axis rotary machining and turn-mill operations, as well as more strategies for two-axis finishing and easier programming of probing sequences.

CAM Program Features Enhanced Turn-Mill Options
The 2013 release of Delcam’s FeatureCAM software includes enhancements for turning and turn-mill equipment, including smoother lead-in and lead-out moves said to reduce witness marks on larger turned parts finished in sections.

CNC Programming Software Maximizes Five-Axis Capability
By incorporating new CNC programming software to make full use of its new five-axis machining capabilities, Bob Lewis Machine Co. has reduced setups and programming time.

The Stem Solution
A small shop committed to labor-saving automation added a nine-axis turning center to machine mountain bike stems. The value of this complex machine is that it delivers a simple process. The learning curve was worth it, the owners say.

CAM System Adds Roughing, Turn-Mill Strategies
The 2012 R2 release of Delcam’s FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system includes roughing and turn-mill strategies as well as enhancements for faster toolpath generation

Targeted Five-Axis Machining
Focusing on a particular part size range allows this shop to use a versatile type of five-axis machine tool. Five-axis machining now makes up 40 percent of the shop’s business.

Enhanced Feature-Based Machining
The 2012 version of Delcam’s FeatureCAM system is designed for faster and easier programming, more efficient toolpaths and increased machine productivity.

Data Repair Module for CAM Software
Delcam offers a data repair module for its FeatureCAM system.

Feature-Based CAM Update
The 2011 version of FeatureCAM has a modernized interface, support for 64-bit computers, improved data exchange from a wider range of design software and new strategies across the platform, from turning to five-axis machining.

CAM Capitalizes on 64-Bit Computing Power
PowerMILL 2010 CAM software is designed to boost productivity capitalizing on the latest background-processing and multi-threading computer technologies.

Use The Tools That Are Available
Typically, creating holes isn’t a daunting task. However, programming, machine set up and cycle times can be prolonged when a part has numerous hole diameters. A new feature-based CAM strategy automatically determines how best to combine drilling and milling to create the holes using only the tools already loaded in a machine.

CAM Software Helps Make Pastime Profitable
When shop owner Joey Klitzke began to leverage his manufacturing skills to improve his competitive edge in tractor pulls, it wasn’t long before he recognized a business opportunity. FeatureCAM software from Delcam has helped Mr. Klitzke turn his hobby into a profitable business.

Feature-Based Machining Can Reduce Machining Time
A range of enhancements in the 2010 version of Delcam’s FeatureCAM feature-based machining software is designed to make the software quicker, the company says. One of the enhancements, support for multi-threading when generating 3D tool paths, allows calculations to be spread across multiple cores in dual- or quad-core computers.

CAM Package Unlocks Turn-Mill Capabilities
While multi-spindle turn-mill machines can improve productivity by enabling users to machine parts complete in one setup, fully realizing their benefits requires a CAM package that is capable of synchronizing multiple spindles. With Delcam’s FeatureCAM software, cutting tool manufacturer Parlec eliminated the time-consuming process of programming each spindle of its turn-mill machines separately before manually synchronizing them on the shop floor.

CAM Software Offers Complex Machining For High Speed Operations
FeatureCAM 2009 offers increased support for turn-mill equipment, which can complete parts in a single setup on one machine. With FeatureTurn/Mill, both turning and milling features can be programmed together to reduce both programming and machining time. The latest release of PowerMill CAM software is said to offer complex machining operations for high-speed operations and five-axis machining, as well as introducing new strategies to provide greater functionality for 2D, including 2D cutter compensation and 2D pocketing and profiling directly from wireframe curves.