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Partners Target Quality Control in Metal-Based AM
EOS and Germany’s MTU Aero Engines have signed an agreement for joint strategic development related to a system of quality control for metal-based additive manufacturing.

EOS and MTU Partner for Additive Manufacturing Quality Control
EOS and MTU Partner for Additive Manufacturing Quality Control

EOS North American User Day Comes to IMTS
The User Day is one of multiple events at IMTS addressing heightened interest in additive manufacturing technology. Additive has also added its name to a pavilion.

EOS Integrates ALM and Integra
The agreement integrates sales, services and materials for laser sintering.

"Adding" to Your Tooling Options
Understand the benefits and applications of processes for making tooling through additive manufacturing.

Conformal Cooling: Another Tool in the Toolbox to Build a Better Mold
Moldmakers are just starting to scratch the surface of what can be done with conformal cooling, which involves an additive approach.

Laser-Sintering Technology Benefits UAV Industry
Because it involves no tooling and little machining or fixturing, EOS’ laser-sintering technology is said to be a cost-effective and fast alternative for the low production runs of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry.

EOS, EADS Assess Laser Sintering Savings
Laser sintering system manufacturer EOS, in collaboration with aerospace company EADS Innovation Works (IW), has started work on a study to understand the potential of the direct metal laser-sintering (DMLS) process to generate energy and raw material savings.  The two entities decided to carry out a collaborative environmental study after comparing the results of two previous studies.

Additive Manufacturing System Offers Expanded Application Range
The EOSINT M 280 additive manufacturing system for metals is designed to increase part quality, reproducibility, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.