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AM Consulting Services, Large-Format System Available
The EOS M 400 is a platform-based AM system that can be used in research, development and series production of large metal parts.

EOS North American User Day Comes to IMTS
The User Day is one of multiple events at IMTS addressing heightened interest in additive manufacturing technology. Additive has also added its name to a pavilion.

Rebuild, Don't Replace
If you could rebuild a damaged or worn-out mold insert instead of replacing it with a new one, wouldn’t you?

Laser Sintering System Builds Metal Parts
EOS’ M 290 direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) system, the successor to its EOSINT M 280, is designed for the production of serial components, spare parts and prototypes.

EOS Integrates ALM and Integra
The agreement integrates sales, services and materials for laser sintering.

New Metal Materials Suited for Additive Manufacturing
EOS has expanded its materials portfolio to include two new metal alloys.

Practicality & Possibility
Some of the technologies and applications on display at Euromold 2013 illustrated the possibilities for using additive manufacturing to manufacture functional parts.

A Spin on Additive Manufacturing
A DMLS system from EOS enables Kappius Components to make design changes to their bike hub while experiencing reduced lead time and improved material strength.

Something More
The integration of manufacturing with product development creates a context that will help additive manufacturing advance.

Medical Benefits
Part examples from an established manufacturer of medical implants and instruments illustrate the expanded engineering possibilities that additive manufacturing is making possible.

Laser Sintering System Produces Complex Plastic Components
EOS’ compact Formiga P 110 plastic laser sintering system is designed to manufacture polyamide or polystyrene products directly from CAD data within only a few hours.

GPI Prototype Adds Third EOS DMLS Machine
GPI Prototype has installed its third direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) machine from EOS.

How Additive Manufacturing is Like CNC Machining (and How It's Very Different)
A leading machining business applies the skill of a toolmaker to using additive manufacturing effectively. The manufacturer shares application examples, as well as thoughts on the challenge and promise of this technology.

"Adding" to Your Tooling Options
Understand the benefits and applications of processes for making tooling through additive manufacturing.

Nature Triumphant
The freedom to tailor a part’s shape to its engineering needs—particularly when the result is a complex organic form—might be the most transformative benefit of additive manufacturing.

Partners Create Medical Products Using DMLS
EOS has partnered with medical device manufacturer Innovative Medical Device Solutions (IMDS) to offer product development resources for metal additive manufacturing designs.

Movable Components, No Assembly Required
A medical device maker produces a 13-piece articulating section with zero assembly work, thanks to DMLS’s ability to make the free-moving section as one complete piece.

Additive and Subtractive Together
At the recent International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, EOS and machine tool maker GF AgieCharmilles demonstrated additive and subtractive processes working together to produce a titanium tibial tray for knee implants.

The Future of Manufacturing
According to engineers with GE Aviation, the challenges of additive metal manufacturing—serious as they are—are small compared to the promise that this technology holds. How else can you make a plane engine 1,000 pounds lighter?

Conformal Cooling Through DMLS
Unlike subtractive methods such as cutting or drilling, EOS’ direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) system is an additive process that enables users to seamlessly “build in” cooling channels while creating a part layer by layer.