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A Special Message from Eurotech Elite

Eurotech: Winning with Technology that Runs Faster, Sleeps Less!

Eurotech Technology

Eurotech technology
Get Complete Solutions with the machine that BEST meets your needs. COMPLETE SOLUTIONS! Our teams of engineers are trained to help you determine the machine that will give you the best ROI; let their turnkey experience work for you and challenge them to look at your parts.
Eurotech Elite
( E2 ) : from 5 axis to 14 axis, fixed headstock turn/mill centers, from 1 5/8bar to 4.15 bar capacity, 6” chucking to 15” chucking and now up to 69” centers.

Eurotech SWISSTURN : NEW Swiss line-up of 12 mm bar capacity to 42 mm bar capacity with patented B-axis. All models have quick change from bushing to collet.

Company Profile

What the Eurotech Customers Say:

"The Eurotech outperforms the Daewoo or Mori any day; and you’ll see a return in your cycle times alone."
-Jeff Roth, Chasco Machine

"With Eurotech’s B545 SL-Y, we not only reduced our operations, but we inspect a complete part 1 time instead of a partial part 7 times." -Ken Sutton, Fabco Air

“We compared Eurotech to all the other top brands and with all the features Eurotech delivers it was no comparison; Eurotech far surpasses any machine out there. We now have 4 Eurotechs.” -Chris Provini, Festo

“We looked at all the major brands of multi-axis machines. The Eurotechs had a much faster cycle time.”
-Dave Fricke, Owner, Millenium

“How much did we save? We knocked off as much as 50% on our cycle times. We have near to zero down time! Couldn’t ask for better machines, service or support!” -Eugene J. Fantozzi, GM of C & M Machine Products with 5 Eurotech Elites

“The new machine is up and running! For the part it is making now, it makes it 2 minutes faster than before (previously used a Hardinge T42). At 3,000 pieces x 2 min, we have 100 hrs savings!”  – Email sent to us from Don Burns, Owner of J.F. Burns in PA, with four 6-axis Eurotech machines

 “We (Taurus) went from 35 minutes 14 machines, to 6 minutes 1 machine with Eurotech.” -Email from Marcelo Eiti Okada (Taurus)


“We were making the part in 360 seconds on our generic brand; with Eurotech we are making it complete in under 150 seconds with far better accuracy and throughput. The Eurotech exceeded our expectations! Eurotech's completes complex parts in one op instead of several and thus relieves the bottlenecks in our manufacturing plant.” -Steve Thiele of Bradhart Products, Brighton, MI


We wrote our own program to test Chip to Chip time to test static, live tool index and engagement, the Eurotech was 30% faster than the competition. -Charlie King, IDM


“Since investing in a Eurotech almost 2 years ago we have witnessed a time savings of over 15% in our shop! We can’t say enough about the flexibility and speed of the Eurotech not to mention that we were able to eliminate operations handling and inspections.”  -Michael Digangi – Pitney Bowes

“Our Eurotech has been a great performer for over 3 years! The machine runs great! We are incredibly pleased with the support we have been given.”
-Jim Castle, Honeywell

By purchasing our Eurotech machine we were able to greatly streamline our operation and have a significant gain in efficiency!
-Mike Oliver, Kennametal

“I can’t say enough about our (5) Eurotech machine’s! These machines are great not to mention dependable. Our relationship with the service department is bar none!”
-Les Richards, Custom Mold


Product Categories of Eurotech Elite

  • Bar Feed Mechanisms
  • Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
  • Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Inverted Vertical, CNC
  • Turning Centers, Twin-Spindle/Multi-Turret

Trade Names

  • Biglia
  • Polygim
  • SwissTurn

Deep Links

Eurotech IMTS Most Advanced Technology

EUROTECH AT IMTS, September 10-15, Chicago

   At Eurotech Booth # 5068 you will find the most advanced technology and the fastest machines cutting under the expert programming of our engineering team. Each of our engineers is taking a different Eurotech model – the all new Rapido, SwissTurn, Lico Automatic and Elite SmartTurn --- challenging each other to produce the most awesome cutting demo.
  In addtion we invite you to the Eurotech Technical Conference Room: with so much technology to show (more than can be shown in the machinery hall), we’ve added a pre and post show event and invite you to attend. Along with technology seminars, there will be free continental breakfast in the morning and free Irish beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres in the evening.

Eurotech Machining Demo Videos

How to win with Techology that runs Faster, sleeps Less!
Eurotech Elite (E2): from 5 axis to 14 axis, fixed headstock turn/mill centers, from 1 5/8bar to 4.15 bar capacity, 6” chucking to 15” chucking and now up to 69” centers.

Eurotech SWISSTURN: NEW Swiss line-up of 12 mm bar capacity to 42 mm bar capacity with patented B-axis. All models have quick change from bushing to collet.

Eurotech LICO: CNC Automatics from 26 mm to 65 mm bar capacity (5 tools in the cut simultaneously).

Eurotech MCM: Horizontal Machining Centers that mill, turn and grind, lightening fast with jig bore accuracy!

Special Finance Rate on Stock Machines

Special Finance Rate on Eurotech Stock Machines: Eurotech Elite mulit-axis turn/mill centers, LICO CNC Automatics and SwissTurn.

*Limited # available. Call Angela at Eurotech: 352-799-5223.


The Eurotech Elite Rapido - No Faster Machine in the World

The Eurotech Elite Rapido - 3 TOOLS IN THE CUT SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Dual-Y with powerful 15 HP on both main and sub spindles delivers 50% faster cycle times.

  • ®     “Triplo” sub spindle and software delivers 3 tools in the cut simultaneously
  • ®     Rigid fixed head stock design
  • ®     10 axis turn/mill machining center
  • ®     (2) 12 station live Turrets
  • ®      1.97” of Y-Axis Stroke
  • ®     (2) 7000 rpm C-Axis Spindles
  • ®      15 HP on main and sub spindles
  • ®     Programmable Super Shift Sub-spindle
  • ®     Programmable Parts Catcher
  • ®     Parts Conveyor System
  • ®     1.42” bar capacity
  • ®     Great Ergonomics
  • ®     Compact footprint: 149” x 55”




As seen in MMS

Turn-Mill Series Provides Three Turrets, 13 Axes
Eurotech’s Multipla T3 series of twin-spindle, bar-fed turn-mills provides multiple turrets and 13 axes for high performance.

Eurotech Adds Three New Distributors
The new dealers will serve territories in the Southeast and Northwest United States.

Turn-Mill Center Features Three Y-Axis Turrets
The company’s B765Y3 has more than 4" of Y-axis travel on all three turrets. Combined with the company’s standard tooling, customers can load as many as 144 cutting tools, allowing them to either machine several different parts without any change-over time or load several redundant cutting tools (using the company’s tool load software to detect tool wear and run “lights out”). The machine has 2.

Bryco Before and After
Within a two-month period, this Chicago-area contract shop reorganized the shopfloor, implemented new procedures and eliminated employee toolboxes. Here are the benefits the shop has seen.

Let Assembly Be The Inspection
This shop realized single-setup machining on a multitasking turning center, but there was still more efficiency to be found. When all of the part's machining had been consolidated, the shop realized that assembly operations could be performed at the same station as well.

Succeeding Beyond A Specialty
This shop watched its chosen niche become less profitable. Its response was a dramatic investment in new equipment, along with an information-related change that has made all of the shop’s equipment more cost-effective.