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Quality Inspection Documentation in Minutes

Ballooning Software for First Article Inspection Reporting, AS9102, PPAP and In Process reporting

InspectionXpert  helps you quickly and accurately extract  inspection information directly from your inspection drawings and instantly create ballooned or bubbled inspection drawings and inspection report forms.  Automate the creation of your AS9102 forms or PPAP forms for First Article Inspection (FAI), or export to standard or custom reports for in-process and receiving inspections. 

InspectionXpert has versions that work as an add-in to popular CAD programs including CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER/Creo, Solid Edge and AutoCAD, to automatically extract inspection characteristics, balloon or bubble your inspection drawing and export instantly to standard or user-created custom reports. 

  • InspectionXpert for AutoCAD Mechanical
  • InspectionXpert for CATIA V5 (also functions as an add-in to Enovia DMU Navigator)
  • InspectionXpert for Creo (add-in to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire also available)
  • InspectionXpert for Solid Edge
  • InspeInspectionXpert for SolidWorks

InspectionXpert also has two CAD-independent versions that work with PDF and TIFF files generated from any file format including scanned drawings: InspectionXpert for PDF and InspectionXpert OnDemand. 

  • InspectionXpert OnDemand can be accessed from any web browser providing easy access and deployment. 
  • InspectionXpert for PDF is installed software available in both standalone or network license options.

InspectionXpert powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) captures inspection data quickly and accurately to create your inspection documents in just minutes.  Import results from your CMM programs directly into your inspection project for even greater time savings.

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Company Profile

AS9102 Software, First Article Inspection Software, PPAP Software, Ballooning Software

Since 2004, InspectionXpert Corporation (formerly Extensible CAD Technologies LLC) has developed integrated software solutions and productivity enhancement tools for manufacturing and quality inspection. Leveraging our expertise in software development and deployment, InspectionXpert Corporation is able to provide innovative and high-quality solutions to customers across the globe.


InspectionXpert Corporation was founded by engineer and software developer, Jeffery N. Cope. In his work with manufacturing companies across industries, Jeff discovered a need for automation in the area of Quality Inspection Package creation. Jeff first developed InspectionXpert® to generate quality sampling sheets from SolidWorks drawings to help meet that need and InspectionXpert Corporation quickly gained customers.  Soon after developing InspectionXpert for SolidWorks, InspectionXpert Corporation developed InspectionXpert First-Article as a CAD-neutral program for creating ballooned inspection drawings and inspection sheets from common formats such as PDF and TIFF.  In 2011, InspectionXpert First Article was re-engineered replaced by two new products: InspectionXpert for PDF and InspectionXpert OnDemand. The InspectionXpert product line continues to expand with new CAD integrations into most popular CAD programs including SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER and Solid Edge. For more information about our InspectionXpert products click here.

Product Categories of InspectionXpert Corporation

  • Quality Documentation Software
  • Software, CAD/CAM
  • Software, Other Manufacturing
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis Software

Trade Names

  • CMMXpert
  • InspectionXpert
  • InspectionXpert for AutoCAD
  • InspectionXpert for CATIA
  • InspectionXpert for PDF
  • InspectionXpert for Pro/ENGINEER
  • InspectionXpert for Solid Edge
  • InspectionXpert for SolidWorks
  • InspectionXpert OnDemand
  • MeasurementXpert


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As seen in MMS

Verisurf, InspectionXpert Combine Functionality
According to the company, integrating the two software offerings streamlines the inspection process.

Software Streamlines CMM Inspection Reporting
CMMXpert from InspectionXpert Corporation is a new add-on for the company’s InspectionXpert for PDF and InspectionXpert OnDemand.

Inspection Software Includes GD&T Tool
InspectionXpert offers InspectionXpert for PDF 2012 and InspectionXpert OnDemand 2012.

Inspection Report Automation, Ballooning Tool
Extensible CAD Technologies offers InspectionXpert for Pro/Engineer.

Software Speeds Inspection Documentation
InspectionXpert software from Extensible CAD Technologies has standardized and automated this manufacturer’s process for ballooning drawings and generating inspection reports.

Going Lean in Order to Grow
This shop has a plan for dramatically expanding its contract machining business in high-value markets.

Software Automates QC Inspection Process
Extensible CAD Technologies’ InspectionXpert First-Article is designed to help companies realize faster, more accurate first-article and in-process inspections.

Form Improvements and Redesigned Interface
Extensible CAD Technologies’ InspectionXpert for CATIA includes an improved user interface and enhanced support for AS9102.

Software Balloons Both 3D Models and 2D Drawings
Available from Extensible CAD Technologies, the updated InspectionXpert for CATIA V5 introduces support for 3D models in addition to previously supported 2D drawings.