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Deburr Front and Back, With Just One Pass.

HSS Deburring Tools
HSS Deburring Tools

E-Z Burr High Speed Steel (HSS) tools are the industry standard for quick, effective and consistent front and rear burr removal. No other HSS deburring tools offer a flexible blade that operates independently of springs and plungers. The result is a shank that is solid, which makes it a more durable tool.

Carbide Deburring Tools
Carbide Deburring Tools

Ideal for large production runs, heavy burrs and tough materials, the patented Carbide Tool allows deburring and chamfering three times faster than regular HSS deburring. Its titanium nitride-coated carbide inserts last five times longer than HSS. The inserts are also adjustable, replaceable and changeable while the tool is in the machine.

Small Hole Carbide
Small Hole Carbide

E-Z Burr's "Small Hole" Carbide design extends our high performance Carbide Series to now deburr hole diameters as small as .125 inches. Great for hard to machine and exotic materials this tool is designed with performance and efficiency in mind.

Company Profile

We've always been intensely focused on designing and manufacturing the highest quality deburring tools, and we feel that our line is absolutely the best in the world. We have also developed a strong worldwide network of distributors and manufacturer's reps to serve and assist you in every way possible. We are confident that you will be totally satisfied with our responsiveness, technical expertise, and of course, our products. Consistent quality. Since 1960, E-Z Burr has built a solid reputation for providing high quality deburring and chamfering tools at affordable prices. We even guarantee that you will be completely satisfied. We wouldn't make that promise if we didn't have total confidence in our products and service. E-Z Burr tools are designed for all types of machines, applications, and materials. They're durable, dependable, easy to use and maintain. We're thinking of you. All of our tools are designed to save you time and money. Our patented deburring and chamfering tools offer unique features that were designed specifically with your efficiency in mind. Our patented products offer you fast blade replacement and easy adjustability while still in the machine. We take great pride in our patents, and we offer a multitude of deburring and chamfering tools that we truly believe are second to none. We are certain that you will feel the same way. Our commitment. We are proud that 95% of our customers are repeat customers. This is a strong indication that we are upholding our goal of providing quality deburring tools and quality service. We are here to help you solve problems, and we will continuously produce the best in deburring and chamfering tools as well as the best service. In fact, we guarantee it. - Bill Robinson, President

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  • Chamfering Tools
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  • Drills

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  • BurrFree Drill
  • Carbide Deburring Tools
  • Chamfering Tools
  • Combination Deburring Tools
  • Custom Deburring Tools
  • Deburring Tools
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  • EZ Burr
  • E-Z Burr
  • E-Z Burr Tool Company
  • High Performance Carbide
  • High Speed Steel Deburring Tools
  • Micro Deburring Tools

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BurrFree Drill The E-Z Burr BurrFree Drill is one of our most popular custom and specialty combination tools. It drills a hole, then deburrs both the front and back side in one operation. That efficiency, plus the tool?s exceptional quality, durability and utility provides users some meaningful savings.

Small Hole Carbide E-Z Burr's new Small Hole Carbide design extends our high performance Carbide Series to now deburr hole diameters as small as .125 inches. Great for hard to machine and exotic materials this tool is designed with performance and efficiency in mind.

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Micro Series One millimeter. Four one-hundredths of an inch. That's how small a hole you can deburr with the E-Z Burr Micro Series.

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Get Ready for Growth
Making good parts is one thing, but making good parts in a process that is scalable is something different. Here is how one manufacturer rethought its production to prepare for opportunity.

Live Tooling for Limited Space
The Stubby series of deburring tooling from E-Z Burr is designed for use in modern Swiss-type machines.

2010 Marks Half Century in Business for E-Z Burr
E-Z Burr Tool Company (Plymouth, Michigan) celebrates a new milestone this year: the 50th anniversary of its founding and the manufacture of its first deburring tool.

Online Service Speeds Tool Selection
E-Z Burr Tool Company, a manufacturer of hole deburring tools, offers a new online service designed to help customers determine which tool to order based on a specific application and material.

Small Hole Carbide Series Expands
E-Z Burr Tool Company extends its standard, high-performance “Small Hole” carbide series to deburr hole diameters ranging from 0. 125" to 0.

Carbide Deburring Tools For Small Holes
The E-Z Burr Tool Company’s series of Small Hole carbide deburring tools can deburr hole diameters as small as 0. 125" in exotic and hard-to-machine materials.

3D Animation Sheds Light On Tool Operation
 E-Z Burr Tool Company's newly launched Web site shows manufacturers exactly how the company's tools work by utilizing 3D animation. The animations can become transparent to allow users to view tools from the inside, gaining a comprehensive understanding about how products such as the company's carbide tool and Bur

Drilling And Deburring In One Pass

Drill And Deburr In One Pass

Tool Streamlines Deburring And Chamfering Operations
In business since 1968, Do-Rite Tool, Inc. (Garden City, Michigan), an eight-person job shop occupying 5,000 square feet, processes runs varying from one to 1,000 pieces. Its main source of work stems from the automotive industry, and the company cites milling and turning flat and round stock as its areas of expertise.

Carbide Tools