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Fagor Automation Products

Bringing the Most Powerful CNC Automation Technology and Making it Simple

Fagor Automation manufactures all of their Machine Tool Automation products to work in harmony with one another to insure that you are receiving the true benefits of todays most modern CNC Automation Technology.  Digital Servo Systems automatically tune themselves, high resolution Absolute Encoder products are plug-n-play and I/O CAN Modules seemlessly network to Fagor CNC's.  

Advanced features are brought to the User utilizing Conversational Techniques with Dynamic Graphic assist screens. This is Fagor's philosophy... bringing the most powerful CNC Automation Technology and making it simple.  

Fagor Automation manufactures:

  • CNC Controls for Milling, Turning, Grinding & General Purpose applications ranging from 2 axes up to 28 axes plus 4 execution channels and multiple Spindles
  • Servo/Motor Systems with both Analog and multiple Digital protocols.   Broad range of motors ranging from 1 NM to 75 NM equipped with Digital incremental Encoders or Absolute Encoders.  
  • Spindle Motor Systems range from 5 HP to 175 HP
  • Precision Linear Encoders in a broad range of Resolutions availaible in incremental, semi-absolute and absolute ranging from just 2" of travel up to 100 meters. 
  • Rotary Encoders ranging from 50 Pulses per revolution up to 180,000 pulses per revolution. 
  • Digital Readout Systems for 1-4 axes Milling, Turning, Grinding, EDM and General Purpose applications

Company Profile

Fagor Automation Corporation is a World-class manufacturer of CNC Control Systems, Digital Servo Motor Systems, Digital Readout (DRO) Systems and Linear & Rotary Encoder Feedback products. USA Headquarters located in Elk Grove Village, IL (Chicago O'Hare airport area) with multiple regional offices throughout the USA and Canada. Products are specifically designed for a broad range of Milling, Turning, Grinding, Punching and General Purpose applications.

CNC Control products are designed around simplicity made powerful principles. It is the Fagor Automation philosophy that todays Advanced CNC Technology must be brought to the user in an easy to understand user interface that Operators/Programmers can quickly understand and utilize. Fagor Servo Motor systems are seamlessly integrated to the CNC to allow for maximum machine performance and integrity.

Feedback Products include both low and high resolution, including Absolute protocol, linear and rotary encoders. Linear Encoders can be built to any length required and rotary encoders are offered in a broad range of resolutions to match the application.

With in-stock shipping out of our multi-million dollar inventory and toll free technical support, Fagor Automation is your single source machine tool automation provider.

Product Categories of Fagor Automation Corporation

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Software (Sold Independent of Hardware)
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
  • Digital Readout (DRO) Units
  • Digitizing/Scanning Systems
  • Direct or Distributive Numerical Control (DNC) Systems
  • Encoders/Resolvers
  • Handwheels, Knobs, Cranks, etc.
  • Linear Scales
  • Machine Monitoring Systems
  • Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
  • Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
  • Servo Motors, Linear
  • Servo Motors, Rotary

Product Announcements Provided By Fagor Automation Corporation

Fagor Automation Features High Performance CNC 8065

As seen in MMS

Simulation Software Eases Milling, Turning Training
Fagor Automation has updated the features of its free CNC simulator for Fagor’s 8060/8065 CNCs, including the addition of a library of sample programs for both milling and turning.

CNC Controls 28 Axes, Four Spindles
Fagor Automation will display its 8060/8065 CNC platform designed for accurate, high-speed machining with good surface finish in aerospace-industry applications.

Fast Block Processing Increases CNC’s Performance for Aerospace
Designed for aerospace applications, Fagor Automation USA’s 8065 CNC platform is equipped with features to enable high-speed machining while maintaining surface finish and accuracy.

Interactive Editor Guides Programming Tasks
The Interactive Editor within Fagor’s conversational programming system leads the user through entering necessary variables to complete shopfloor programming operations.

Auto-Tuning Feature Maximizes Servo Performance
Fagor Automation’s auto-tuning feature for PCs and CNCs automatically fine-tunes machine servo performance to maximize machine tool efficiency and performance.

CNC System Enables High Performance on Smaller Machines
The 8060 CNC system Fagor Automation USA Corp. is designed to bring aerospace technology to small and mid-size machines.

Linear Encoders Control Expansion/Contraction of Scale
Fagor Automation will exhibit its range of linear encoders capable of nanometer resolution, consisting of the G, S and SV series extrusion platforms.

Fagor Names Manager
The customer support role will help strengthen the company’s OEM and distributor relationships.

High-Resolution Linear Encoders Improve Positioning Accuracy
Fagor Automation offers a line of linear encoders capable of 50-nm resolution.

New Series of Controls to Enhance CNC Performance
Fagor Automation Corporation’s 8055 FL and Power series controls are designed to work with the company’s digital servo/motor systems and Fagor Aboslute linear and rotary encoder solutions.

Fagor 8065 CNC Designed for the Aerospace Industry
Fagor Automation offers the high-performance 8065 CNC at IMTS 2012. It is designed specifically for aerospace applications.

A Technology Sampling from BIEMH
A sampling of some of the technologies spotted at Spain's biennial manufacturing technology show.

Fagor 8065 CNC Designed for Aerospace Applications
The Fagor 8065 CNC is designed to provide the high-speed machining necessary for aerospace applications, as well as maintain a quality surface finish and increased accuracy.

High-Performance CNC
The Fagor 8065 CNC is equipped with advanced features for high-speed machining in aerospace applications.

Advanced, Operator-Friendly CNC
The CNC 8065 combines the high-end CNC technology of the company’s 8070 CNC with operating simplicity of its 8055 series.

Digital Readout System Features Color Screen
The Innova 40i digital readout (DRO) system is dubbed the “true vision” due to its high-resolution TFT color screen. With the color screen, it is possible to execute solid 3D program simulations right at the DRO. In addition, standard features include a pocket cycle, bolt-hole cycle, linear hole and matrix cycles.

CNC For Five-Axis Machines
Designed for high-performance applications, the Fagor 8070 ETX CNC is based on an industrial-hardened Windows operating system running on an XP-embedded platform. A host of online software configurations can be integrated for a true open-architecture system. In addition, the control is built with a solid state disk for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.

Optimize Block Processing Time
  The Fagor CNC 8070 control system is based upon an industrial-hardened Windows operating system running on an XP-embedded platform. This allows the integration of a host of online software configurations allowing the control system to work as an open architecture system. The control system is designed for use wi

High Speed, Touchscreen CNC

Control System For CNC Turning Centers