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Fastems is a leading supplier of factory automation systems.

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Fastems offers widest choice of ergonomic work set stations in the market.

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Fastems Flexible Manufacturing System can integrate both blanks/billets/raw materials and machining operations to complete production system.

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Fastems Flexible Manufacturing Systems grow with your production needs; from a single machine lay-out to a complete factory-in-factory solution.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Kuka robot in Fastems system

Kuka Becomes a Premium Robot Supplier for Fastems Factory Automation Systems
The partnership is being described as one of mutual transparency and reliability.

Fastems Multi-Level Flexible Manufacturing System

Model Demonstrates Operator Interface
Fastems will exhibit a fully-featured scale model of its Multi-Level Flexible Manufacturing System.

Pallet System Software Boosts Cell Flexibility
The software running this shop’s newest FMS from Fastems adds a layer of automation that enhances the inherent flexibility, productivity and effectiveness of lights-out operation. Dynamic job scheduling is the key.

Fastems Welcomes East Coast Sales Manager
The position covers customers along the entire U.S. Eastern seaboard in addition to Louisiana and Mississippi.

FANUC’s LR Mate 200iD mini robot is approximately the size of a human arm with all cabling, air tubes and valves enclosed within the device, enabling it to be installed inside a machine with minimal interference.

January 2014 Product Spotlight: Robots and Automation
The Modern Equipment Review Spotlight in our January issue features robotics and industrial automation equipment. Click through the slideshow to see a selection of the highlighted products, and visit the Robots & Automation zone (link in the sidebar) to learn more.

TRD uses and Enshu HMC to produce more than 450 different parts

Flexible Fixturing Improves Cylinder Component Production
Advanced Machine and Engineering (AME) provides modular tombstone fixtures to run 56 different block sizes for Rockford, Illinois-area cylinder component manufacturer.

Fastems FPC pallet system

Pallet System Automates HMCs
Fastems’ FPC pallet system is designed as a compact, cost-effective solution for automating horizontal machining centers.

New Okuma Plant Relies on Automation, Production Control
The company says the DS1 facility in Japan is capable of 2 times the production capacity and 1/2 the lead time of the previous site.

Fastems FPC-7500 pallet container automation system

Pallet Automation System for Large Loads
Fastems’ FPC-7500 flexible pallet container automation system is designed to handle 1,000-mm and 1,250-mm pallets where large load capacity is required.

Automation at Aztalan Engineering
A contract manufacturer expands its capacity using various approaches to feeding the machines.

The Future Is Cellular
“Cells are increasingly compelling as a strategy for round-the-clock productivity.”

Fastems Highlights Flexible Solutions at imX
Visitors to Fastems’ booth at the inaugural imX (interactive manufacturing experience) event will take away a greater comprehension of the benefits and the application of flexible manufacturing systems, the company says. “We will relay the why, where and how of utilizing factory automation to stay competitive in today’s global economic environment,” says Tomi Ketola, president of Fastems, LLC, the North American subsidiary of Fastems Oy Ab in Tampere, Finland.  Scheduled for September 12-14 in Las Vegas, imX aims to depart from the traditional trade show model and provide an interactive, educational experience.

Design the Parts Around the Process
To guarantee that components for a new helicopter could be readily produced, the company looked at the capabilities of available machine tools in the market first, and then finalized the design of the components accordingly. It created a Precision Components Technology Center to embody this concept as a process for R&D prototype work. What has emerged is a flexible production model that can be duplicated at its other facilities.

Cell Works the Night Shift
At this aerospace and medical component manufacturer, a Doosan HMC paired with a flexible pallet magazine and cell controller from Fastems has increased production and part quality while eliminating variation throughout the production chain.

Operator works at load/unload station

Saving Labor Also Safeguards Labor
A manufacturer that aims to expand its workforce, without a high risk of layoffs later, sees pallet cells that can run through the night as being key to this goal.

Automated Data Collection
Fastems’ Fadector automated data collection system monitors production to eliminate errors that may be generated during manual collection of data. The system collects eight I/O signals from the production machine and matches the combinations to the device’s state codes. The states can be examined using a 24-hour period, 7-day period or a specific user-selected period.

'Lights-Out' With A Lighter Commitment
For this integrated flexible pallet cell, the machines and the pallet system came from different suppliers. The shop is not locked into any supplier for adding machining centers later.

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Automated Pallet Systems
Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
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Deburring Machines
Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
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