Fibro Inc.

Phone: 815-229-1300
Toll-Free: 800-523-2376
Fax: 815-229-1303

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Mailing Address:
139 Harrison Ave.
PO Box 5924
Rockford, IL 61125 US

Product Categories of Fibro Inc.

  • Indexers & Rotary Tables
  • Punching Tools/Dies

Trade Names

  • FibroDyn
  • FibroMat
  • FibroMax
  • FibroPlan
  • FibroTakt
  • FibroTor
  • RotoCutting
  • RotoMotion

As seen in MMS

Heavy-Load Positioning Table Accommodates Automotive Parts
Fibro offers its Fibromat modular heavy-load positioning tables.

Rotary Positioning Tables for Heavy Loads
Fibro presents the FibroMax 2.0 series of heavy-load positioning tables that represents a second generation of the company’s XXL rotary tables.

Rotary Indexing Table Reduces Wear
The Fibrotor RT.12 rotary indexing table from Fibro features a small, efficient drive design with a large center hole.

Rotary Table for Positioning Heavy and Large Loads
The Fibromat rotary table from Fibro is designed for positioning heavy and large loads quickly and precisely. It will be on display at IMTS 2012.

Rotary Table Positions Heavy Loads
Fibro’s Fibromat heavy-load positioning table is designed to position large and heavy parts or equipment quickly and precisely, and is especially suited for car body assembly applications in the automobile industry.

Rotary Tables Accommodate Large Workpieces
Fibro’s Fibromax NC heavy-duty rotary table features large roller bearings that enable high accuracy, even with large workpieces.