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V-Flange Holders

FITZ-RITE has been manufacturing CAT V-Flange tool holders and retention knobs for 20 years right here in the U.S.A. Our holders are made from mill-certified, hardened aloy steel, on the latest CNC equipment availabe in our industry. All FITZ-RITE holders are manufactured for continuous optimum performance. Our tapers are ground to internal standards that exceed current industry standards. Our bores and cavities are guaranteed to be concentric to the taper within .0002" Precision grinding assures superior spindle contact and enhanced ability to hold tight limits on your machining center. Custom balancing is available for high-speed applications. One other very important feature is the price of our tooling. By continuously improving our costs of production with new technologies and equipment, we are able to provide the highest quality available at price levels that you will find extremely attractive.

Product Categories of Fitz-Rite Products

  • Arbors (for Cutters)
  • Chamfering Tools
  • Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
  • Collets for Toolholding
  • Collets, Solid and Master
  • Retention Knobs
  • Tap Drivers & Attachments
  • Tool Blanks
  • Toolholders

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  • Fitz-Rite

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Coolant-Thru End Mill Holders Three Internal Channels Deliver Coolant Where You Need It.

Cat 50 End Mill Holders Stub lengths, standard lengths, extended lengths, and coolant-through.

Fitz-Rite Product Line Includes End Mill Holders, Collets and Collet Chucks, Shell Mill Holders, Morse Taper Adapters, Jacob Taper Adapters, R-8 Adapters, 60V - 50 and 50V - 40, Blanks, Retention Knobs, Sur-Lock Holders, and Sur-Lock Adapters.

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Carbide Indexable-Insert Chamfering Tool
 The Cinch carbide insert chamfering tool uses a square ANSI standard insert and is available in 60-, 82-, 90- and 120-degree included angles. The compact, rigid design enables users to chamfer holes as small as 7/32″ diameter while utilizing the higher rpm and feed rates available on today’s machines. The tool is also available in a double angle configuration which enables chamfering both the top and bottom of holes as small as 21/32″ diameter.

Carbide Indexable Insert Chamfering Tool
The Cinch carbide insert chamfering tool from Fitz-Rite Products uses a square ANSI standard insert and is available in 60-, 82-, 90- and 120- degree included angles. The compact, rigid design enables the user to chamfer holes with diameters as small as 1/4" while using the high rpms and feed rates. Also available in the double-angle configuration, the tool can be used to chamfer both the top and the bottom of holes with diameters as small as 21/32".