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As seen in MMS

5ME Authorizes Star SU, Fullerton Tool to Make, Distribute Cryogenic Tooling
Fullerton and Star SU can now make, market and sell 5ME’s BlueZone brand in North America.

Okuma to Host 2015 Technology Showcase
The annual event will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will feature technology demonstrations, presentations and educational sessions.

Software Feature Visualizes Machine Tool Data
The “dashboards” feature of 5ME’s data-capturing Freedom eLOG software suite enables users to create a one-screen view of machine tool performance data.

Want to Test Drive Cryogenic Technology?
Okuma and 5ME have opened two test centers where you can give cryogenic machining (using liquid nitrogen as the coolant) a shot.

Production Management Software Monetizes Machine Performance
5ME’s eScore production management software feature generates a monetized version of machine tool performance based on six span-time categories defined by AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology: plant shut-down, scheduled downtime, delay time, repair time, not in-cycle process time and in-cycle time.

5ME, Okuma Partner to Demonstrate Cryogenic Machining
The companies are opening two cryogenic demonstration centers where manufacturers will be able to test the technology.

Synthetic Metalcutting Fluids Promote Environmentally Friendly Operations
5ME’s Cyclo Cool 900 series synthetic metalcutting fluids serve as an alternative to semisynthetic and soluble oils.

Expanded Possibilities for Cryogenic Machining
The technology for liquid nitrogen cooling is now available for machining applications in various industries on any brand of machine tool.